Why Go Abroad? Holiday in Great Britain

As anyone who follows the news will know, “staycations” have been the in-thing this year, with more and more people opting to holiday at home rather than venturing further afield. There are all sorts of reasons for this; partly, of course, because the early part of this year saw so many problems at airports, what with the volcanic ash scenario and BA strikes. And now, of course, there’s the new threat of BAA strikes, as well as the fact that the euro still isn’t what it used to be. And so spending time in Britain has become more and more attractive, and in the east of England this has meant a boom time for North Norfolk Hotels.

Indeed, accommodation across the country has seen a much-welcomed uplift, and Norfolk luxury hotels have definitely seen more people coming through the doors, as visitors decide to treat themselves to upmarket accommodation instead of spending their money on airfares.

But there are upsides for the visitors to the area, too, with those on weekend breaks in Norfolk discovering that this part of the world has plenty to offer them, often at a fraction of the price of an overseas trip.

If the weather is kind, there are all sorts of outdoor pursuits, from birdwatching and biking to hikes along the North Norfolk Trail. Then on days when the sun is not shining so brightly, there are plenty of interesting places to visit – from lifeboat museums in Sheringham and Cromer to historic houses such as Oxburgh, Blickling and Felbrigg where the halls and gardens are kept beautifully by the National Trust.

There are plenty of other places of interest, too, from the traditional seaside attractions of Hunstanton, Wells and Mundesley, to the wilder beaches of Brancaster and Holkham. And for those bent on a bucket and spade-style holiday, Cromer has it all, from fish and chips and slot machines to a popular end-of-the-pier show.

Meanwhile, in the west of the county, the royal residence of Sandringham is also well worth a visit, with a lovely church and grounds and a famous annual flower show. In fact, as visitors to North Norfolk Hotels will see, there is so much on offer in this part of the county that they will need at least another staycation to fit it all in.


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