Why go for an Interior Designer?

There are times when we wish to renovate our homes just because we are bored, or we need to change with times or because we really ‘have’ to because our house is in a bad shape! We could also simply design our new homes. What comes as a result? Do we go about doing it ourselves? More precisely, do we go running about inquiring about all sorts of woods – teak, timber, walnut etc. and choose as per durability, budget, quality etc; also do we go about running inquiring about floor materials – wood, marble etc. and then different types of marbles? Further still, we have to choose the lamp furnace, lighting as per the room setup, but wait first we need to know the room setup! What should be the color scheme? What if we experiment with the color scheme and it turns out bad, and whoosh, all our efforts go in vain! This is not it, what about the bathroom fittings- shower, WC, handles, bath tub or steam room? And hey! Doesn’t anyone care about the doors here? – Each and every room has to have doors including the main door and more! What about the terrace design? What about the basement? What if there is an office-cum-residence set up? Oh Lord! We’re in big trouble, aren’t we?

Well, if you thought you could play the sole Interior Designer, to save money that is, think again! You might end up spending more – and we say this not just in monetary terms, but the consequences can shoot up your BP or increase stress levels. Very unhealthy, isn’t it? So that is why people hire top interior designers who are masters in their respective field with vast expertise, experience and knowledge. And they just know what you want, after discussing it with you that is.

It is needless to enumerate the advantages of hiring a top interior designer. All you want your house to look like and more is elaborately discussed with your interior designer, along with budget planning, so that you don’t spend over board and choose the right material within the right price without any hassle.

Interior space planning has become a prerequisite before commencing with other plans with regards to interior designing. This is because there are different patters which make a room look big, small, etc as per the furniture placement, lighting effects as well as color orientation. All such details can only be looked upon from the eyes of a specialist. Thus, one needs to make a choice and patiently go about the process of designing along with keeping a balance of communication with your interior designer.

Once, both the parties have struck the cord with each other, the result is the perfect house of your dreams, or a house close to it as per your budget, and many a times even better than what you had expected. So go ahead, make your choice.