Why Go For Central Park Tours And A New York City Bike Tour

Being around the area of New York City should give you that wonderful chance at relaxing while wandering about because of Central Park tours and a New York City bike. There can be no better way to spend a good-weathered day than immersing yourself in this great outdoor experience that is truly going to be memorable.

It is no question that Central Park is one magnificent site but you will discover that it can give you more treasures to discover. Its northern reaches will give you a splendid sight at a unique Olmsted designed waterfall, pool and loch. Its wildlife includes possums and squirrels relaxing by the trees and a unique chance at catching an eye on the famous red tailed hawk hovering above trees and the surrounding skyscrapers of Central Park.

You will get a chance to ride by Hollywood famous location shots like Maid in Manhattan, You’ve Got Mail, Enchanted, Home Alone Two and Sex and the City because the New York City bike tour allows you to ride by them. You are also bound to discover several famous celebrity homes in the area. One would surely be interested to see the homes of famous people like Al Pacino, Steven Speilberg, Dianne Keaton, Bono, Sting and many others.

Be one of the lucky few to see stars around you through the Central Park tours and the New York City bike tour. This would surely be on top list of reasons why this is one great tour. It is undeniably great to see the famous ones among regular people on a regular day.

Of the many things to be amazed at in the city, the tours have several designated stops. You will never be without a time to catch your breath and feel the amazing ambiance and air of the city. You will get to be in classic park attractions like The Carousel, The Wollman Ice Skating Rink, Bethesda Fountain, The Lake, The Pool, The Plaza Hotel, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Great Lawn, The Tavern on the Green and the Boathouse Restaurant, the Belvedere Castle and Shakespeare Theatre.

The whole tour is fully guided so you will not miss out on anything at all. Your guide will educate you by introducing tidbits of facts and trivia on every spot you are in or you pass by. This is surely a bonus to have new-found knowledge on things and places while having a great time.

You will be guaranteed a healthy and safe way to unwind and wander as your riding distance will be no more than 7 miles in totality. There will be no need to walk this far and reach as many destination around through the Central Park tours and New York City bike tour.

There is no need to worry about financial constraint, because the package rates are pocket-friendly. Now is your time to loosen up and be on a wonderful journey in the city with the Central Park Tours and a New York City Bike Tour. BOLA TANGKAS