Why Go in For Digital Scrapbooking?

“Digital scrapbooking” is a phrase you may well have heard. After all, this digital hobby is, to some extent, replacing the traditional art of scrapbooking. As our lives become increasingly automated and our pictures are now stored in terms of megabytes on disks rather than on Kodak paper in albums in a drawer, we simply have to adapt. It seems such a shame to have to give up the art of scrapbooking and memory keeping simply because we are stepping into the digital age. There is no need for that as Digital scrapbooking provides the alternative.

Whether it’s a set of photos or a screenshot of a news story, little snippets or basically anything that reminds you of a special moment or encapsulates something you love, it deserves a place in the scrapbook. Digital scrapbooking helps keeping such snippets and memories organised. Imagine being able to look back through your digital scrapbook after a month, six months, a year or even five years and being able to glance back through memories in a single click.

For some of us, scrapbooking is primarily for photographs capturing memories of the ones we love most. For others, it’s a place to store photos and snippets relating to a hobby you love or a particular topic area. Whatever it is you want to embark upon scrapbooking for, making it digital simplifies the process completely.

What’s great about using digital scrapbooking software is the fact that it’s not just a series of files on a desktop. The software can convert them into virtual books that you can ‘flick through’ on your screen. The choice of aesthetics and layouts makes it really simple to personalise and decorate your scrapbook and this gives it the real flavour of “traditional scrapbooking,” with all the convenience that computers offer. Computerised scrapbooking also has more flexibility in the text effects you can add and the way you can lay out your photos and other materials. Of course, some argue that there’s truly no replacing the feel of a physical scrapbook, and while this is, to some extent true, there are things you can do on digital scrapbooks that you can’t on the physical thing. Animated text effects, video embedding and a range of quick to apply templates are perks of the digital version of this favourite pastime.

Add to that the fact that the digital scrapbooking software often comes with a host of tutorials and is designed to be user friendly and what we have is a great way of storing memories.It’s a really cost effective way of storing the pictures and snippets which mean the most to you in a format that is easy to look back on and easier still to share with friends, family and loved ones. Let’s not let our photos and the way we proudly keep them go by the wayside just because of the computer revolution. Instead, we should be embracing the perks of computerising our scrapbooks and bringing this traditional hobby well and truly into the digital age.

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