Why Having Too Much Fluoride in Water Can Be Harmful to Your Health

If you are anything like me, you too are concerned about the water that you drink and the effects it has on your and your family’s health. So it follows naturally that the levels of fluoride in water and it’s ramifications should be of interest to you.

Before we discuss about the effects of having fluoride in water, first let’s take a look at what exactly is fluoride. This is a group of compounds formed by a combination of the element fluorine with other elements. These compounds are found to be present in water naturally.

The practice of adding fluoride in drinking water began in the 1940s. It was thought at that time that adding it to our drinking water supply will help in preventing tooth decay and was especially targeted at the teeth of children.

In theory, it sounds good. fluoride makes the teeth stronger and keeps them safe, so just add it in the water supply so everyone gets enough of it just by drinking water. No supplements or medicines needed.

Reality, however, is different altogether. The first thing is, the fluoride being added in our water supply is different from what is found in water naturally. Water in nature contains calcium fluoride, whereas the ones being added in our water are silicofluorides and sodium fluoride.

These fluorides are the waste products of the fertilizer companies and are actually detrimental to our health. These toxic substances are in fact used as insecticides, pesticides and even rat poison. How something so dangerous and poisonous can be good for our health, is beyond comprehension.

The other problem we are facing is of over exposure to fluoride. Our drinking water itself is used in the production of processed foods and drinks. All of them combine together to deliver very high levels of fluoride in our body. This can lead to flourosis or even poisoning.

Studies have also linked high levels of fluorides in the body to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

There is just no point in exposing yourself to these grave health risks. It would be best to install a good water purifier in your home. Not only will it help in removing the toxic fluoride in water, but will also remove other dangerous chemicals like chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs and even heavy metals from it.

Make no mistake about it. Having fluoride in water that you drink is a slow but sure way to harm your health. Take action now to prevent this poison from entering your body.