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Relevant statistical data, Red wine Consumption accounts for Wine Overall share of the world more than 80%, rated the most popular wine category, and white wine are far behind. Experts pointed out that the health benefits of red wine, white wine, 3 to 5 times that of the main reasons contributed to the former global epidemic.

Scientists have confirmed that red wine is the nemesis of cardiovascular disease. As early as 1989, the World Health Organization (WHO) “MONICA program” Epidemiological investigation report stated that: The French love to eat cheese, butter, Chocolate And other “three high” food, but the French people (35 to 64 years) the incidence rate of coronary heart disease is Britain’s only 1 / 2, United States, 1 / 4. Medical scientists who study suggests that the French love to drink wine this is a great relationship.

This year, on April 21 in Denver at the American Association of Cancer Research 100th Annual Meeting of published results of a study to confirm red as the anti-cancer food. U.S. KaiserPermanente Medical Group’s findings also showed that smoking and drinking red wine per month, every drink, the risk of lung cancer an average of 2% drank one to two glasses per day, reduce the risk of lung cancer by 60% many.

To explore the mystery of red wine health, scientists have isolated from the red wine tannins and other polyphenols found in wine rich in tannins, resveratrol, flower pigments and other polyphenolic compounds, these substances have a strong health powerful antioxidant, in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, aging and so has an obvious effect.

All kinds of medical experiments with red wine as the experimental object, because scientists have found that the polyphenol compounds contained in more than white wine. Study revealed that: resveratrol in red wine is about 4 to 6 milligrams / liter tannin content of about 1000 mg / liter; comparison, the resveratrol content of white wine is only about 1 ~ 2 mg / l, tannin content of only about 400 mg / liter. As the tannins in red wine, resveratrol and other polyphenols were higher than white wine, so this sense of two components, the health benefits of red wine than white wine.

Reason, the wine expert chenzhuang that the tannins from the grape skin and pulp, and resveratrol exists mainly in the peel. In the brewing process, the red wine will be impregnated with belt seed fermentation, and to be peeled and seeded Juice of white wine fermentation, which resulted in the polyphenol content of the two differences. Moreover, most of red wine to go through a rubber Barrel Aging, liquor will also draw from the oak some tannic substances.

In addition, the color of red wine from grape peel anthocyanin, anthocyanin pigment is a natural plant, flower color pigment in addition to display certain things, or a strong Antioxidants , To protect the body from free radical damage. The results show that the human body will be too many damaging effects of reactive oxygen species, which is the root of human aging and disease. As China’s southern Fujian

spread of “red of hot, dry white of cool,” saying they have no medical basis. Chinese food is divided into cold, hot, warm and cool, level 5, whereas in the absence of other additives, alcohol situation, its cool heat depends primarily on alcohol. In a variety of daily drinking Alcohol In the high degree of white wine (including soju, Firewater, etc.) of heat, low degree rice wine (rice wine) and wine and warm, while the lowest alcohol Beer The cool earth. Red and dry white is usually the same degree of alcohol, are 12%, so there is no distinction of cooling of heat. Chinese believe that wine, “and warm, sweet, nourishing quality goods for the ages.” BOLA TANGKAS