Why I Love The Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper

Are you Stressed about investing in the wrong piece of gym equipment? The Xiser Portable Step Machine beats all the other fitness machines on the market, by a long shot. I was lucky to get one on sale for $ 400 a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed.

When I first opened the box, I immediately noticed how compact and portable this machine is in real life. My work causes me to travel a lot so I needed something that was light and easy to transport..Even though I have never seen one there, I could see this machine being great at a gym. The efficient movement of the Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper only adds to how durable this thing is, while it still manages to be the best workout I have ever come across.. The frame is constructed with heavy cast aluminum and all the parts move smooth. This machine wasn’t made to look pretty either, everything has a purpose and doesn’t make you waste your money on unnecessary cosmetics.

The machine initially comes in two pieces that you can easily fit together, the pedals and the base. The designers evidently wanted their product to be as portable as possible, so they made it quick to set up and disassemble.

I looked at a few of the sample work outs and decided to try it out. Even though I am overweight, I can still use this machine and get a great full body workout.I think this thing would be good for any level of fitness as it is easily adjustable and there are tonnes of different exercises in the booklet. Not only did I feel comfortable using the stepper, I actually enjoyed my work out. For being so big, I am actually quite muscular and this still gives me a great workout.

To sum it all up, this is worth every single penny and would recommend it to anyone. The Xiser Step Aerobics Equipment is not flashy or gimmicky, the design is brilliant and it’s built to last. I would suggest that you head down to your local gym to try one out for yourself but they probably wont have one yet! To see if it is what you are looking for, check out the specs and video on my site. I wish all of you the best success with your workout goals. BOLA TANGKAS