Why I Think Haribo Gummi Is the Best Candy in the World

Haribo is one of the best ( if not the best) fine candy producer in the world. I am sure there is few people that has never tasted the wonderful Haribo gummi golden bears. Chewy, tasteful, sweet, tangy… You wouldn’t believe how crazy my little kids go when they see me coming back home with a bag of delicious gummi bears.

But do you know what the name Haribo means? Do you know where these gummy bears come from? The name Haribo comes from the founder’s name Hans Riegel, and the German city where he was born ( Bonn)  so Hans, Riegel and Bonn are the three words that give the name HARIBO ( HA-Hans,RI-Riegel,BO-Bonn).

Haribo factory was established in Germany, in 1920, and Mr. Riegel produced in the first year 100kg of candies per day. In the beginning, his wife was in charge of the delivery of the candies with her bike. In 1923, they bought a car, and Mrs. Riegel stopped using her bike for deliveries.

After 5 years producing only Haribo jelly candies, the factory started producing licorice sticks. In 1930,  only 10 years after it was founded, Haribo factory had 130 workers.

Before II WW, Haribo was a medium sized factory with around 400 workers. During the war, the factory stopped production, because people was focused in producing tanks and weapons.

In 1945 Mr. Riegel died and his wife took his role as director and manager of Haribo factory. World War was finished, but there was a huge demand of raw materials, and the factory re-started production with only 30 workers.

In 1946, Mrs Riegel’s sons, joined the factory as commercial and technical directors, and the factory started its expansion process.

In 1982, Haribo opened its first distributorship in the US, in Baltimore, very close to New York.

Today, Haribo has factories all over the world, and gummi bears, and many other types of candies have become a nice daily treat for our kids as well as for ourselves, grown up people!!!

I was reading a testimonial today about one guy that used to travel 35 miles once a week just to buy a small bag of Haribo Gummi Bears, but this guy has found a much better alternative to driving an hour to get his favorite candies. He has found a website where he can order 5 pound bags of Haribo gummi candies, and in a couple of days they are delivered at his front door. Can you imagine how he and his family enjoy this new source of endless gummy bears? 

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