Why It Is A Good Idea To Contract Out To An Article Submission Service Provider For Your Link Building Project

Well, most important reason is for hiring an article submission service website is to save the insane amount of time it takes to do it all by yourself. If we analyze why traditional article submission doesn’t work anymore, we will get an understanding about the importance of submitting unique articles to the article sites.

Why traditional article submission technique of submitting one article to hundreds of sites work anymore? The answer to this question is Google’s duplicate content penalty. Hunting at Google’s support web site for webmasters, we can see that Google not only removes duplicate pages from indexing, they even penalize a web site for submitting repetitive webpages on a larger scale.

Google defines repetitive content as substantial blocks of web pages which is either equivalent or appreciably equal to each other. As people got innovative on link building for their sites, Google at the similar time got smarter as well in cutting down on manipulative ways of passing link juice or page rank from one page to another. Function thing you want to do is to get trapped on Google’s duplicate content filter.

Google will find and remove all the duplicate pages form indexing for which typical mass article submission doesn’t work like it used to once. Article marketing still would work and provide the benefit of traffic and backlinks, but you just need to submit original pages at the moment to get the full benefit form it.

Not only you will not be able to keep many of those identitical pages form mass article submission indexed, it will not give positive user experience either and may end up damaging the credibility for your website. So if you want to make credibly for your website at the same time you are doing your link building, it is ideal that you submit original information to article directories.

If writing all those unique webpages get time consuming to you, not to mention the massive quantity of time it takes to submit all the web pages to a range of article directories, you can outsource your project to an article submission service provider who can write up all the unique webpages and submit to the sites on your behalf.

An article submission service can give verity of services for you. It can write al unique web pages and submit to article directories or it can write one unique article and generate 1000’s of unique version from it, then submit to the directories for you. Later strategies would be lot more affordable, yet offer the same benefit of unique article submission. So if you need to drive some massive backlinks to your site, then it would be most excellent to hire a link building service provider who give such article submission service.