Why Michael Vick Shouldn’t Play Football Again

There are many reasons why Michael Vick shouldn’t be allowed to play football again.

I understand that we should all be forgiving and forget about things in the past if a person truly apologizes and repents. However there is more to it.

People in the public eye,be they sports figures, politicians, teachers, police, fireman, etc, have a certain image to project. People ,especially kids look up to them. Everyone of them should try to lead a life of high moral values and ethics. Like it or not,they are leaders in our communities, and as such are role models.

None of us are perfect,and although it is probably unattainable in this life time, we should all strive for perfection and lead the best life we can according to our abilities and present knowledge.

I know it probably sounds old fashioned in this day and age , however, when I played high school sports in a small school in the mid west, the athletes were held to a higher standard and more was expected of them. If one of us messed up, such as staying out after curfew or smoking we were off the team,if our grades weren’t good enough that was also cause for suspension, regardless of how good anathlete we were.

What resulted as a consequence of bad behavior, was a feeling we had let the school and community down,we were humiliated because the school was depending on us and we let them down. The worst critics were our own team mates, they wouldn’t let up about how we had messed up and ruined the chances of winning the “big” game. As a result, those instances didn’t happen very often. I’m not saying that once you were off the team one stayed off, unless it was a really bad offense or the kid was a repeat offender, the suspension was only for a game or two.

This is all well and good and is how it should be.

The case with Michael Vick is extreme in many ways, these days professional and some college teams have to call the local jail before they can make out the starting team for a particular game. Many players only get a slap on the hand, are forgiven, and then go on to commit more and more serious crimes until they finally wind up in jail for good. That does the sport and the player no good whatsoever.
If society and professional sports would clamp down on this type of unacceptable behavior, it would soon end and everyone would be the better for it.

Like it or not, Michael Vick and others like him are still role models and have a responsibility to society to act as such. Letting them play again serves no useful purpose rather than fill the stands, create photo ops, and create controversy to sell newspapers.

Vick has or should have plenty of money, he doesn’t have to work, what would be more beneficial than anything if he would become an example of what can happen when one doesn’t follow the rules. Let him lecture on making proper choices in life, he would be a great benefit to society and as a side benefit would make more money than he could ever make playing football.

The more people and especially kids were to realize there are serious consequences to bad behavior, the more likely people would learn to make better choices.