Why Not Choose Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons 2010?

To be frank, this lighter and stronger steel provides increased ball speed off the clubface for more distance while also allowing weight to be moved to the perimeter and lower into the sole for better accuracy and trajectory control than typical forged clubs.


The new Diablo is a premium forged iron that offers supreme quality and stellar craftsmanship to an already hugely popular model.  Designed for the better player seeking playability and performance with a more traditional iron.  This iron is already well known for producing increased distance while not compromising control, something all players looking for improvement are seeking.

The first impression I got when seeing the club for the first time is that they definitely have that “wow” factor look which you get from their modern styling and deep red inset, and let’s face it, looking good is certainly a great place to start.


The Callaway Big Bertha Diablo features a soft 1020 carbon steel body, a high-strength Carpenter Steel face which is behind the added distance and accuracy.  But what sets the Callaway Diablo iron apart from its competitors is the Center of Gravity (CG).  A full 40 percent lower and 46 percent deeper CG than the Callaway X forged model affords the Diablo a penetrating ball flight.  CG coupled with a “hot” lightweight face allows 23 grams of weight to be moved to the perimeter to counter those dreaded mis-hits.


On the technical side of things they come with a premium forged head and merge a 455 Carpenter steel face which assists you in getting a greater ball speed whilst also shifting the weight to the outside of the club for a more accurate shot.


The Diablo Irons styling is achieved through quality craftsmanship and design, the body has a thin top line and a blade which is shorter than normal, with the cavity blending into the back of the iron as you go down through the set. This will really suit the golfer looking to improve distance and enhance his ability to shape his shots.


In the end, unlike the Diablo woods that are designed for players of all levels, the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Irons are designed for the cream of the crop, single handicap golfer, so think twice before you shell out your hard earned cash on this set.