Why People Shy-Away from Using Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is the new antivirus product introduced by Microsoft a couple of years ago. The new spyware was introduced in favor of OneCare, which, was then discontinued by the company.

Initially, the product did not appear too promising and failed to do good business. It was hard to make place in a market, which was being ruled by products like Defender and OneCare. Microsoft Security Essentials spyware did not comprise of any challenging feature, which could gainsay the players of the market. The new product had to stay contended in a small market area only.

This was soon realized by the producers who decided to work upon the product in order to promote it and make it popular amongst users. The catchy feature about Microsoft Security Essentials is that it coalesce features from Microsoft’s previous antivirus products such as Forefront and Defender. Which meant that the new product could now scan, detect, and remove both viruses and spywares simultaneously.

This caught the attention of the users since, it meant saving a lot of time and effort. One did not require to run a second spyware client so as to ensure complete security of the system. Another striking feature of Microsoft Security Essentials is that it comprises a streamlined user interface preventing users from selecting multiple options to configure.

Some of the remarkable features that the product encompasses are scanning viruses, malware, real-time scanning, automatic updates and also graphical up gradation of the interface.

Today, Microsoft Security Essentials has become so popular that it is being used across the globe as a free antimalware application. Users of Windows XP, Firefox, Opera, safari, Internet Explorer and also Chrome are using the software successfully. In simple words, if one is looking at using a free-personal –use antimalware product- Microsoft Security Essentials is what you want to try.