Why Should Companies Own Their Websites

With the dawn of 21st century, the world has stepped into the cyber-age. The information technology has impacted communication so much so that the world has shrunk to the size of a cubicle. Discovery of internet has revolutionized the pace of communication unbelievably. The web technology has benefited the business class enormously. The trade has crossed all barriers of boundary and distance. Through web any one is able to market at any corner of the world at any time of the day. And the website spreads the name and fame of the company world-wide.

Well, if that be so, why any company that is in business should lag from owning a website? Let us probe deeper, what advantages a website may offer to a business company.

Least expensive form of promotion
Promoting business through launch of website is the least expensive form when compared to promoting business through print or air media. A radio campaign featuring your ad for 30 seconds span daily, for a quarter, may cost you around $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. Ads in newspapers and magazines are also highly priced, which last only for the life span of the respective publication. Whereas, the ads splashed in net or website ranging to any number of words or photographs may cost you only a few hundred dollars per year.

A website is globally accessible
A website can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, as long as one has access to internet. There are no physical limitations to broadcast areas on the internet, as there are in radio, nor are there any regional restrictions, as in newspapers or magazines. You can keep your website live, and have it updated as often as you like, on affordable costs.

Quick updation possible, as and when desired
A website is of much advantage to those who deal in fluctuating price business. With a website, one can change prices every time they go up or down, and keep his catalogue updated every moment.

Easy, safe communication
A website facilitates easy and safe communication between the supplier and the buyer. Any one who visits the site can contact the business owner through an email in a spur of a second, which accuracy and promptness is not possible in any other form of advertising.

Helps build brand
Once afloat the web, brand building becomes easy. A website can help you build familiarity in the minds of the customers spread across borders. The webpages can also gather information about what your customers want or need. This can help you strengthen your brand by providing relevant products or services.

Efficient customer service
The website can help improve customer services. The business owner can place all relevant information related to his goods or services on net, thereby educate his customer adequately about the features of his product. This can help generate new sale leads 24X7 days a week.

Small Vs Big business – even plinth to compete
Website provides an even plinth for small and large businesses to compete. The smaller business which cannot represent itself in print or air media for affordability constraint, can find space on inter-net on account of its economical costs, and project itself along line of large business.

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