Why Single Moms Going Back to College Need to Apply For Financial Aid Now

Returning to school is probably the last idea that any single mom might have in today’s recessive economy. She is probably more focused upon doing more for her children by spending her time, getting another part-time job to help with bills, or just finding those rare relaxing moments during the day that just seldom seems to happen.

Choosing to improve your financial situation, unfortunately, has to do with earning a college education. Statistics have shown that women that achieve college degrees, and work for companies, often make two or three times the money than their coworkers. Here are few quick and easy steps that any mother can take to tap into the billions of dollars available through the Obama administration’s stimulus package to help them pay for and earn a college education.

One of the best ideas that has come out is the idea of the college grant. Although many European countries will pay for the higher education of their people after leaving high school, the United States of America is not one of those. The Pell Grant was formed decades ago with the intent of giving a boost to all Americans that needed to return to college who could not afford to. Since then, other grants have arisen such as the SMART grant, the TEACH grant, and several others that are student specific, and also subject specific..

Student specific grants have to do with their academic achievements in school and other achievements that qualify them for these particular grants. In our neighborhood, the Rotary club will provide several grants every year for each graduating high school student that meets their specified qualifications. There are also subject specific grants that students can apply for that are interested in specific academic areas like biology, math, and science.

The Obama administration’s stimulus package has a section in it for moms that want to return to school. Single mothers can now gain access to several thousand dollars in funding. As with most other grants, there is a simple application form that you fill out and submit. If a college degree is your goal right now, take the time to apply for financial aid from any one of the grants that are available today.