Why Taking Your Time Wins the Weight Loss Race

Weight loss involves more than just making the decision to change. It involves more than simply food and exercise. It is all about mindset. Many people who fail at losing weight either do not have the right information to lose weight, do not know how to use the information they have obtained correctly or are simply not ready to lose weight fully.

Being ready and knowing what to do involves time and commitment. When I say that one is not ready, it is more a case that this person needs to take things slowly. Some people are able to dive right in and make dramatic changes to their lifestyle and don’t turn back to old habits, but for the majority of us we need to make small changes over an extended period of time to keep on track.

When you take small changes, you are able to go along with your own pace that suits you. If you race along too quickly, your mind may panic, feel deprived and binge. This isn’t what you need. It will only result in yo-yoing and emotions that are all over the place.


Make small changes and you will see results. Some small changes can reap large gains and this will encourage you to move on with your weight loss goals.

Slowing down may seem like an annoyance but generally those who go slow see results sooner than those who go quickly. This is because most people who go quickly end up bingeing and piling back on in a matter of weeks. Its not long term and it just makes your life feel like it’s upside down.

If there is one thing that will convince you to go slowly this is it: Remember you have built up bad habits over a long long period of time. These things take time to change and they take conscious awareness. They take conscious awareness because you have to replace them with new habits that first you must learn and make automatic. You can’t make these habits automatic without conscious awareness, patient and commitment. If you try changing everything at once – you will feel overwhelmed and not succeed.

Think about it. Do you want a slim body right now, or are you willing to wait to have a slim body the rest of your life?