Why to Go For a Graduate Degree in Psychology

You might be interested in psychology but are wondering why to go for a graduate degree in psychology. Once you have your bachelor’s degree in hand the excitement of the diploma can entice you to quit your schooling and begin working in the field, but there are multiple rationales for going back. Although it is always a fine idea to get some experience in the field after getting a bachelor’s degree, you will really be held back if you never attain graduate degree status in this field. Following are some reasons why.

The fact of the matter is that without a graduate degree you will never be able to hold any of the top positions in this field. You may find work as an assistant, caseworker or other types of entry-level positions, and these can be satisfying for a while, but if you want to work as a counselor or director you need at least a master’s degree. With a master’s and/or doctoral degree you may be able to work as a clinician, counselor, social worker or in various types of industrial/ organizational psychologist positions such as school counselor or corporate psychologist. Some of these jobs, such as clinicians and directors of social work programs also typically require a PhD.

There are so many things you can’t do without graduate degrees, which is perhaps the most important factor to consider. You can’t assess patients or direct others in very much capacity; you can’t teach at colleges or universities, and you can’t reach positions of respect and authority in the field that allows you to publish academic papers. These are all good reasons why to go for a graduate degree in psychology.

Luckily there are many different options if you decide to pursue graduate study in the psychology field. You can study at a traditional university or one that offers flexible schedules and satellite campuses, or you can even complete most of your degree online with additional hands on training. There’s no good reason not to aspire to a graduate degree once you have finished a bachelor’s in psychology.

Institutions offering quality Psychology Programs include University of Phoenix, Argosy University, South University, Brown Mackie College and Hesser College.