Why Typical Method Of Mass Article Submission Doesn’t Work Anymore

There was time when writing a particular article and distributing it to dozens or even 1000’s of article sites would give you an adequate amount of backlinks to get your site ranked high. If you had a low competitive niche, or even a niche that is definitely moderately competitive, a few article distribution would be decent enough few years back to get you the desired ranking. Wondering why it doesn’t work the similar anymore? Read ON!

Google as a company likes to promote positive user experience and want to build sure that the search results their users get is unique. Hundreds of copies of the equivalent article submitted to several article directories can easily frustrate the users as they will be running into equal article on numerous pages. Google understand that and came up with duplicate content penalty to decrease the number of duplicate web pages in their search index.

In essence Google bot crawls the world wide web finding all the web pages to index and once it finds duplicate webpages for the equal content, it then filters out the duplicate internet pages leaving only one copy of the original article. Whether Google bot will find all the duplicate information and relate to each other, then remove them form indexing is the question. Even if it finds the duplicate internet pages, how long t will take it to figure out that the webpages in question are identical to each other is another question.

There is however no room to put up any mistake. Since Google has the official duplicate content policy, it would only be best to take precaution and only submit original articles to the article directories, web sites, and blogs.

It is extremely time consuming to write all those unique internet pages one after another and submit each one to article directories. If you are too overwhelmed with the whole process and at one point say the heck with it, it will only bring you comfort to know that there are article submitting service that can do the needed submissions for you. An article submission service is usually offered by an SEO company who typically provides a variety of link building services.

Based on your need, you can either hire an article submission service to just submit your information, or hire a service provider to write and distribute under one package. Some article distribution service providers get an article written, spin the article to make dozens or even hundreds of unique variations, then submit all the unique versions to different article directories, sites, and blogs. This is the type of article distributing you actually get benefited form in the long run.

Stop submitting your web pages old fashion way and start distribution unique internet pages that will benefit your web site in the long run.,