Why Use Metal Portfolios and Art Cases?

Imagine this scenario: It is a rainy day as you rush into the potential clients office.  You look for a place to set your soggy portfolio case so you can get your materials ready for your presentation.  As you open the case your hear sinks as you realize that all of the material in your case is damaged from being wet.  Your prize presentation has been reduced to a soaking disaster.

Instead, imaging this scenario:  You enter the clients office on a rainy day, but your spirits are not dampened.  You quickly wipe the exterior of your metal portfolio case, knowing that the contents of th case have been protected from the weather.  As you pull your presentation from your case your confidence is lifted knowing that your materials are in the same condition they were in when they left your office.

Given a choice, it is easy to see which is the preferable scenario.  Unfortunately, the first scenario is played out over and over again by people that did not see the value of investing in a quality portfolio or art case.  They spend money purchasing the right clothes to match the image they want to project, spend the money buying a high quality watch and jewelry, and even spend money on purchasing the right car.  Then when it comes time to purchase a new portfolio they go down to the office supply store and buy the least expensive portfolio they can find.  However, like in other areas, quality pays for itself in the long run.

Water damage is not the only thing that can happen to your documents and artwork when you are transporting it from one location to another.  You also face the very real possibility that your documents could get creased if something were to happen to your case.  With soft sided cases all it takes is for the person next to you to trip or bump into you the wrong way, and the materials in your portfolio could be ruined.  All those hours of hard work preparing for this presentation are lost.

A quality metal case will give you the added protection you need to ensure that your documents  and artwork arrive at their destination in the same condition they were in when you originally packed them in the case.  The tough outer shell will keep the contents of your case from getting bent or creased., even if you accidentally drop your case.  Because the surfaces are rigid, the contents will be kept straight even when the case is being opened can closed.

While there is no way to completely guarantee the contents of your portfolio will remain safe from damage, owners of metal portfolio cases have more confidence in the safety the case provides for their documents and artwork.  It is also a stylish way to let potential clients know that the contents of your case are worth protecting, and worth showing off to the world.