Why Waiting to Sleep With Him is Best For Your Relationship

When you met your significant other, did your insides light up? Did he melt your heart with his soft words and sexy smile? How long did it take before the both of you were in bed together? Did you stay together afterwards?

Physical Relationships Does Not Mean Commitments

Physical attraction is a very powerful magnetism. It can cloud your vision and your judgment. It makes your knees weak and turns your brain to Jell-O. However, giving into the attraction too early can ruin the relationship before it ever had a chance to take off. Even if a relationship ensues, it may be nothing more than a physical relationship.

Determine If It’s Physical Or Emotional

Can you remember sleeping with a man early in the relationship and then never actually establishing anything meaningful in the relationship? How long did that relationship last? Did you blame the failure on his inability to commit? Have you considered that he had no intention of committing in the first place?

Save Your Self-Respect

This is the time to save yourself some self-degradation. If you want more from a relationship than sex, you need to weed out the bad boys from the good boys before you bed them.

Two Dissimilar Stages for Relationships

It’s important to be mindful that relationships have two distinct stages. These stages are deeply emotional and casually intimate. Unfortunately, they are not always achieved in that order. A casually intimate relationship is much easier to achieve but hardly ever leads to a long-term one. However, deeply emotional relationship can and usually does lead to long-term relationship.

Begin With Emotional Not Physical

If you start your relationship on the emotional side, you start with a solid foundation that can be built upon and respected. Establish a level of communication that encompasses comfort and trust. Your conversation will be sought after time after time. Good men don’t need to seek out physical encounters; their charm and wit will bring the encounters to them. Good men, however, do seek out stimulating conversations. When they find a woman that allows them to express their thoughts and opinions without prejudice or criticism, they tend to open up to that woman on an emotional level. If you are the woman that gives him that comfort, you will be the one he seeks out when he desires such conversations. Once you have his emotional interest, the physical interaction will be much more passionate and meaningful.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you sleep with him first, you can get him to commit to you later. Why should he? The challenge of bedding you is over. After you sleep with him, you are now faced with the challenge of keeping him interested beyond the physical. That challenge may be more than you anticipate especially if you only see him when you are in a horizontal position.

Get him emotionally attached to you first and then move into the physical aspects of the relationship. You will find that the relationship will be much more deeper and more meaningful. If he’s not willing to wait, maybe he’s not the man you’re looking for; move on.