Why We Will No Longer Waive Our Program to Go Charge For Referral Customers

1st, let’s clarify what specifically is a Strategy To Go fee? Primarily, it is a non-refundable deposit, if you will… a study fee or basically place- a strategy to go charge that is applied to your final balance when you book with Abundant Journeys or its retained if you decide on not to book with us for any explanation. It is designed to preserve the integrity of the connection amongst client and travel agent. The premise is to keep away from dealing with “shoppers” or otherwise people who will abuse our information, time, and power only to book our effectively-researched itinerary on their own… you know… just utilizing and abusing us. In addition, it just simply says, “you respect our time and value and, as agents, we certainly respect yours”.

We want to give our very best to our consumers. Therefore, if we are wasting time with men and women who are collecting hours and hours of analysis from us with no intention of actually using our services, then we are carrying out our actual customers a disservice. We don’t want to do that. They deserve the quite best from us.

Now we have provided “referrals” a waiver on the program to go charge simply because, nicely, they were referred to us by customers who think in us. However, referrals do not typically come with the same integrity as the client. Following all, they are two separate men and women, correct? So, to avoid ruining a partnership with our clients who refer individuals to us, we are separating them, so to speak. Our client will nevertheless get the benefit of our client referral program even so, the referral will have to spend our strategy to go fee ahead of we can carry out any sort of research on their behalf to preserve the integrity of the connection.

If you still require clarification on strategy to go fees, then verify out this write-up written on ConsumerTraveler.com for a far more in-depth explanation.

We want to be really clear, our repeat customers are still only charged a strategy to go fee on a case-by-case basis, but any new client (whether referred or not) WILL be charged the $ 75 per person strategy to go fee right after the initial consultation prior to we will perform any study on their behalf. If you are a critical purchaser, this should not be a dilemma due to the fact it will be applied to the final balance of your trip anyway. We realize our plan to go charge is LOW in comparison to other luxury vacation planning agencies who charge fees beginning at $ 100 per individual up to $ 500+ per person. Specially when you are an agency like Abundant Journeys whose focus is luxury travel and not price range travel. This non-refundable deposit must be a non-problem amongst this crowd.

No business can keep afloat performing operate for free of charge.

A frequent objection to the strategy to go charge: Actual Estate Agents do not charge a deposit. So why do some travel agents?

My response: Although True Estate agents do not charge an upfront fee, they do safe the integrity of the partnership, so to speak, via use of contracts. You agree not to use any individual else, but them, typically. You know those beautiful forms you need to really feel out prior to they pour all of their energy and time into you. Yes, these types.

Moreover, genuine estate agents sell larger primarily based merchandise. Generally a six% commission is far more than probably split between the two agents (purchaser and seller agent). Let’s take a regular $ 200,000 house – 6% commission would bring a base of a $ 12,000 commission to split amongst the two agents. And now let’s take a standard getaway of $ 2,500 – a ten% commission of $ 250 is offered by the suppliers to the agency… yes, that’s about it people. And for luxury agencies, the typical holiday price tag point is normally greater, but you are still bringing in minimal amounts of commission.

And guess what, travel agents are not booking that several far more full vacations than actual estate agents are promoting houses. And there are no commission on airline tickets at all I may well add. If we want you to value us, then we should value ourselves. We do not have contracts like genuine estate agents, but we do have the plan to go charge (or non-refundable deposit). And, Abundant Journeys will enforce this fee with all new customers, whether referred to us or not.

Now we would be remiss not to mention the biggest difference: a genuine estate agents fee is added to the bottom line at closing normally. In comparison, a travel agents program to go charge is deducted from the bottom line when you make your final payment. In other words, it is truly a deposit and not a fee. It only becomes a fee when you select not to total the transaction for any purpose.

Right after reading Stacy Small’s article, Living In Your Top 1 Percent today, it inspired us more to “take stock of our goals”. Our purpose is to give exceptional service to our client base. We cannot achieve this aim if we are focusing as well significantly time on folks who do not value our service or who are searching for out budget travel from a luxury travel agency. We should hold firm to our position. That becoming mentioned, our Strategy To Go fee will be wholly enforced by all of Abundant Journey’s getaway planners and support employees successful quickly.

If you want to help us when you self-book, then go ahead and book your travel wants employing 1 of our on the internet partners. Supporters indicates as a lot to us as consumers. They just understand they prefer to book on their personal or would choose price range travel however they nonetheless want to show their assistance for Abundant Journeys. We definitely appreciate our clients and supporters. And we want you to appreciate us too.

And lastly, for clarity, a program to go fee is applied to your final balance when you book with us. Click right here to discover far more about how we perform and our flexible payment plans.