Why Weekend Face Lifts Are Becoming Popular

Mini face lifts or weekend facelifts have been popularized by celebrities and movie stars who primarily love them because of the extremely short recovery time. Whereas with a full blown face lift it might take anywhere from six to eight weeks before the person can go back to work. With a weekend facelift, the person can actually be back to work within a week. Celebrities also love this type of face lift because it doesn’t make their face look unrecognizable. In other words, it doesn’t shout out to people that “I’ve just had a face lift”.

This type of cosmetic surgery is also becoming popular among high income professional adults who feel that their face needs a little work. They may feel that the skin on their face needs a bit of tightening. But they don’t feel that their face needs enough work to justify a full face life. In this case, they often make the decision that a this mini-surgery will fit the bill just fine. In addition, weekend facelifts are cheaper and require less recovery time.

A face lift is basically a re-draping of the face. It lifts the skin from the face and pulls it up or to the side tightening the skin in the process. Traditional plastic surgery will pretty much change most of the signs of aging in the face. With mini facelifts, however, since the surgery is minor, it normally will change only selected facial features to improve.

Weekend facelifts are targeted to solve specific problems such as a double chin, deep brow wrinkles, deep laugh lines, and such. This type of cosmetic surgery applies to the frontal area of the face – specifically around the nose, mouth, cheeks, jaw, and chin. The surgery concentrates mainly on tightening the skin in these areas to give it a smoother and thus younger look. They are perfect for those in the 40-50 age group as they usually don’t need to have full scale traditional face lifts. Surgery will also be less noticeable at these ages than it will later on.

While all surgery carries some risks, this facelift is the most safe because it’s less invasive than the traditional one. This is also the main reason that a mini face lift needs less recovery time. It involves fewer cuts to the face. Nevertheless, when choosing a mini face lift surgeon, make sure that he is a board certified plastic surgeon.

The safety of a mini face lift depends on the health of the individual. For example, a person with diabetes or high-blood pressure will be at greater risk than someone without those diseases. But since a mini face lift is less invasive than a full face lift, by it’s very nature it’s more safe.

Even though talking about face lifts and cosmetic surgery has lost the social taboo that it once had, many people still don’t like talking about it or admitting that they had one. For these people, a weekend facelift works well as it heals quickly and doesn’t cause drastic changes to their facial features.