Why You Should Attend Recruiting Tournaments

For any student who is fervently hoping to take their volleyball playing to the next level, attending recruiting tournaments is an essential and vital part of college volleyball recruiting. In addition to giving students more insight and understanding of the volleyball recruiting world, tournaments can also help in several others ways.

Consider attending a tournament for the following reasons:

You Will Get Exposure: You might be the best volleyball player east (or west) of the Mississippi. You might have a volleyball recruiting skills video that would make George Lucas marvel. You might be at the top of your game and the prime of your talent. But, that doesnt change the fact that a college cant recruit you if they dont know about you.
The more volleyball you play, the more likely you are to be noticed by a recruiter or college coach; this is especially true at recruiting tournaments. These places are often swarming with important people of the college volleyball world, so play in them whenever.

You Will Find Networking Opportunities: The old adage its not what you know its who you know might not be entirely accurate, but having connections does help on many levels of life, including in college volleyball recruiting. Making networking connections at a recruiting tournament, for instance, can help you get your foot in the door and your name in circulation. These type of connections can improve the odds of coaches watching your volleyball recruiting skills video and attending your games.

A Court to Show Off Your Play: Exposure and opportunities are an important part of college volleyball recruiting. But, nothing is more important than your ability to play. At recruiting tournaments, you get to do just that: you have a giant stage with tons of important people watching. Recruiting tournaments are the perfect place to bring the A game you have within you and show the college volleyball world exactly what you can do.

Rules Still Apply: Even as you attend volleyball recruiting tournaments, you must still abide by the rules instilled by the NCAA. Per the NCAA, coaches and those with university affiliations can only approach you, your parents, or your guardian at certain times of the year (and certain times of your high school career). Be sure you know the rules so you dont try to engage a coach or recruiter who can not legally or ethically speak with you.