Why You Should Make A Choice To Go Green And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You may feel that going green requires too much effort, or green products are more expensive, so just don’t bother to choose the greener alternative.

While many people make a conscious decision to buy green products or switch to green alternatives, others don’t bother because they feel a little bit is not going to make a difference or the products are not as efficient or they cost too much. If you are a fence sitter, then keep in mind how the increase in carbon footprint and increasing pollution are affecting the climate throughout the world and causing natural disasters.


While most of the planet is made of water, there are finite sources of drinking water. As the population increases the consumption of water goes up and so there is less water to go around. Storing, treating and filtering water all uses up a lot of resources. Have you ever thought of how the water actually reaches your tap?

If you drink bottled water, that water is further treated, bottled in bottling plants in pet bottles. All these use energy and other resources, not to mention transportation. The pet bottles add to pollution and the transport further increases pollution. So it makes sense to conserve water and reduce your consumption, whichever way you can.


Choosing fresh vegetables and fruits which are organically grown and don’t have to be transported long distances reduces your carbon footprint. If you buy less prepackaged and canned foods and drinks in bottles you again contribute to the environment. As a bonus, your health also benefits.

If your buy your bread from a nearby bakery (or make your own) instead of packaged bread which has been through miles of transport, you are again making an impact.


You can make your house using environmentally friendly materials. If you already have a house, you can insulate it better so that you reduce your heating and cooling bills. Furniture which is green is a better choice. You can buy furniture from recycled wood or wood which is got from sustainable sources.

All the lights, gadgets and appliances, small and big, can be bought in eco-friendly variations. Whether it is computers, washing machines, lights, entertainment gadgets and gizmos, you can always find a greener alternative. This will help you save energy as well.

And if you use natural and organic stuff to keep your house clean, use organic cotton or other materials as upholstery and household linen, you reduce your carbon footprint.


You use electricity which is source of green energy. But electricity plants often use coal to generate the electricity and burning coal is environmentally unfriendly as it releases gases and sediments into the air. So you should conserve power as far as possible. If you can, use solar or wind generating plants or switch to solar power wherever you can.

The initial cost will be an investment and you can reap the rewards by reducing your power bills and cleaning the environment.

If everybody makes the green choice it will have a positive impact on the environment and the planet will be a better place to live in.