Why You Should Visit Russia

Russia, known as the largest country in the world, is mysterious to some extent.  People only know that this country has a size of over 10.5 million square miles, the Tsars as well as their bloody rule, or Marxist lead revolution. But those things are very narrow. Before you embark on your adventrue across this country, you should look for the best airfare bargains.

Some of the places to visit in Russia are:


• Moscow- Russia’s gigantic capital. It has numerous tourist attractions for those that crave for a bit of adventure.
• Irkutsk – this popular Siberian city is located at a distance of merely an hour of the breathtaking Lake Baikal on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
• Kazan – for those traveling after a bit of research on Russian history, this capital of Tatar culture offers immense attraction and is in the very center of the Volga Region.
• Saint Petersburg – the city boasts of containing one of the world’s best museums, the Hermitage. This historical city is also home to a unique open air museum, its city center. All this makes St. Petersburg a popular choice amongst tourists.
• Sochi – hosts to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, this is Russia’s favorite Black Sea beach resort. It is a virtually unknown destination but that will change drastically after the Olympics.
• Volgograd – once known as Stalingrad, it is the sight of the final deciding battle of World War II. A huge war memorial is erected here to commemorate those that lost their lives.
• Lake Baikal – or as is affectionately called the “pearl of Siberia” it is arguably the world’s deepest and biggest lake. 25-30 million years old and home to 2500 animal species it is the perfect destination for those who enjoy nature and crave it.
• Trans-Siberian Railway – seen by some as the longest train track in the world, a tour aboard the train means going all around Asia as well as a good part of Europe.


Several of the travel restrictions imposed specially during the Cold war were lifted in the 1990s making it possible to get a true flavor of the picturesque country. The Siberian town of Ulan Ude is a must see. The restored Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is located here.


Traveling to Russia is quite easy. With over 70 international airports, getting a flight that matches your schedule is no problem. Due to the competition between airlines, cheap airfare is easily available. Daily flights are available to Moscow and St. Petersburg from all over Europe as well as North America and the U.A.E.


There has been a new trend in the behaviour and approach of modern Russia towards foreign tourism. Once hostile to the curious visitors, it now accepts them with open arms.