Why You Want to Learn How to Build a Solar Panel

With the energy crisis reaching a severe magnitude, the only option to eradicate it is to look for and install alternate sources of power and systems regarding the same. Aiding the country by fighting against energy crisis, the installation of alternate sources is indeed a very humanitarian effort with the current situation in mind.

Domestic usage of power can be supplemented by Solar and wind power. Between the two, the latter one is cumbersome since it is complicated to setup and the prerequisites include a large area, constant wind etc. which is difficult to harness for home applications. But however the solar energy acts as the best choice to use especially when it comes to using them at home.

Solar power can be harnessed by many ways and applications, though the entire scheme seems complicated, some simple applications can also be used effectively.

Solar cookers are those that are used to cook, bake, fry and boil food using sun as the source of energy. Some of its advantages include:

• Available of healthy food cooked in an efficient manner without loss of power that is fast depleting.

• The same cooker can be used for multi purposes like cooking, baking, frying etc.

• No fossil fuel or fuel of any type is used to power it

• The entire setup and arrangement can be achieved without any pollution to the atmosphere.

A solar generator is another appliance that is used for storing the solar energy using photovoltaic cells for later use in an efficient manner. They are also known as lighting systems and they are used for lighting bulbs, lights in the homes for a specific period of time when there is no daylight. The device is cost and energy saving.

Thermal systems involve the solar energy in the form of heat. They can be used to heat building space. They can be controlled effectively to maintain the temperature of a room at a specific level. Solar cooling systems are also available which act according to vapor absorption principle. Once installed, these systems are efficient and can run for many years effectively.

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