Will The Prices of PS3 Games Keep Going Up

Will The Prices of PS3 Games Keep Going Up?

In this horrible economy, we are trying to save money on all sorts of things. Food, gas and other commodities are increasing in prices and so is everything else. This includes prices of PS3 games. Sometimes you just want to escape the world and the horrible economy and a good PS3 game allows you to do that. However, if the prices of PS3 games keep going up, you may have to forgo this guilty pleasure in place of something a little more affordable. Why are the prices of PS3 games increasing and will the increases ever stop?


The prices of PS3 games will continue to rise because Sony knows they can charge whatever they want and people will still buy them. That’s the reason why the PS3 is still so expensive compared to the other gaming platforms. The Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are more affordable than the PS3 but the PS3 continues to sell. Why? Because people are brand conscious and they know Sony puts out a great product. They know the graphics and hardware of the PS3 can’t compare to the other platforms so they don’t mind paying a little more. So yes, the prices of PS3 games will keep going up until people refuse to pay that much. Maybe then, just maybe, Sony will buckle under the pressure and finally lower the prices on their much coveted games and consoles.


However, even though the prices of PS3 games will continue to go up, that doesn’t mean you have to pay that much. There are always ways around paying loads of money for your favorite games. Some gaming stores allow you to exchange your current games for credits that you can use to buy new games. This allows you to get new games for a discount. There are also people selling games on Ebay or other sites such as Craig’s List for cheaper than they are sold in the stores. So even though prices of PS3 games keep going up, you can still save money and play your favorite games so that you have more money to spend on life’s necessities such as food, water and shelter. For, without those, PS3 or any of its games won’t mean a thing. You can save money, you just have to be smart about it and look for bargains. And remember that even if you buy used, it’s still the same game, you just got it for cheaper than they usually sell for.

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