Will The Rise Of This New Social Network Be The End Of The Facebook Business Model?

“The String” is a social networking site similar to Facebook/ Myspace and Twitter..But with a slight twist…unlike those other social networking sites “the string” gives 70 percent of their advertising revenue back to their users..

So what does that mean for us!?

Well let’s think about that for a minute…
Last year Facebook made well over 1 billion dollars in ad revenue..So.. If that was Peoplestring instead of Facebook WE as users would have shared in on 700 Million dollars of that! I can only imagine the possibilites with that kind of Payout!

So how do we get our hands on that money?

Easy.. by logging into our homepage (just like we do Facebook) And using it for what it was made for.In all reality it really doesn’t matter what we’re doing,whether we’re gaming,keeping up with friends,emailing, instant messaging, using the integrated search engine to “surf the web”, the list goes on and on.. And what it comes down to is as long as we’re logged in we’re getting paid!

Think it’s time to get with the social network that “does”? I know I do.

-Another great feature is their free email service, this state of the art mailer can not only send/receive email, it also has the capability to track how many times a message has been opened( great for marketing & Team member help) AND on the slight chance that an email is sent to the wrong person(which I wish I could count on one hand how many times I’ve done that) It has the ability to recall it right out of their inbox before they even see it!

-Also for all those Shoppers out there that missed “black friday” they have an integrated app in the back office that says “Cashback Shopping” and guess what happens when you click that? That’s right, It grants us “unlimited access” to the peoplestring portal that gives the user cashback for shopping online at popular stores like Macy’s,Sears,American Eagle Outfitters,Best Buy, even ITunes!,the list is humongous!

Now that my friends, Is a social network that”does”!

So how much does this really cost?
-It’s 100 % FREE!
-NO upfront/backdoor fees
-NO enter your credit card here (unless you go for an entrepreneur package).

This is a zero out of pocket opportunity folks!

Its easy as 1-2-3!, just choose which account you would like to create,fill in the boxes,confirm it all and that’s it!

It’s a “No-brainer”!

Feel free to email me, and I will give you my personal exclusive guide,a step-by-step program, on how I took peoplestring by the horns and continue to make money by doing the things I normally do


-checking email
-keeping in touch with friends
-surfing the web
-playing games (like mafia and farmville)
-going to the mailbox (yes at home)
-cashback shopping (just in time for christmas)
-and last but not least helping others do the same.

So listen up!

whether its promoting a business, playing games,”venting”with friends,making new friends,or just cruising the internet… stop letting those “do not” websites like Facebook/Myspace and Twitter make money off of us!

Besides,Isn’t it time we shared in on the advertising revenue of these “Corporate” social networking sites?

Or did they forget we’re the ones that made Them?