William K. Vanderbilt Jr’s Motor Parkway

I not too long ago took a trip back in time to Long Island NY’s previous! No I was not in a Delorean. I was in fact in a 1929 Model A Ford,It was one of several in a pack of Model A Fords.My trip back in time was hosted by members of the Model A Ford Club of Long Island. The Club Established in 1959 is a single of the oldest and largest Model A Clubs in the U.S. The Trip took me back in time to Extended Islands distant previous,Way Back just before the LIE back ahead of even the Northern and Southern State Parkways.All the way back to the glory days of William K. Vanderbilt Jr’s Lengthy Island Motor Parkway. The Motor Parkway or the LIMP has been forgotten by several.Portions of it can nonetheless be discovered across the Island some parts are even still in use now going below other names. I should admit I knew almost practically nothing of the Extended Island Motor Parkway just before this trip back but as I discovered about its history and how it was a main element of shaping the Island we all know and love today, I became really interested in finding out far more and I would like to share with you a little of what I have discovered.

The history of William K. Vanderbilt Jr’s Motor Parkway began on June 6th 1908 when its building started. It was 1 of the first concrete roads in the Nation and it was the 1st to use Bridges and over passes so as to not have any intersections. The Motor parkway reached its nearly full length of 45 miles from Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma in 1911 with 65 Bridges and many twists and turns.(There was a two and a Half mile western extension built in 1928)

The Motor Parkways History of racing is that of legend and nevertheless remembered by numerous Long Island race fans, William K.Vanderbilt Jr was an avid race fan and racer. He frequently raced in America and France. Disappointed by the lack of Americans winning any of the races he started the Vanderbilt Cup races in 1904 here on Extended Island. The race was an international occasion and would pit 16 Drivers against each other for the prize of the $ 2000 Silver Cup which was designed by Tiffany &amp Co.The Cup was the 1st key trophy in American auto racing. The Races where very first held on 30 miles of local roads in Nassau County.These Races exactly where the Beginning of America’s enjoy affair with auto racing.In 1906 when two spectators where killed and several others injured by a racing auto on Jericho turnpike near the intersection of what is recognized nowadays as NY Routes 106 and 107, Vanderbilt and friends soon came up with the concept for the Lengthy Island Motor Parkway. The Cup Races where Effectively held on Lengthy Island in conjunction with the Motor Parkway Until 1910 when 4 spectators exactly where killed and twenty injured.

With the Cup races gone the Motor parkway became purely an access route with a toll of $ two.00 and was used mainly by New York’s rich searching to hit the party circuit or to go for Sunday Drives and of course by those just hunting to drive actually rapidly.The Motor parkway was a privately owned toll road with no speed limit, No Industrial Targeted traffic and simply because it was privately owned it was off limits to law enforcement. For the duration of Prohibition the Parkway gained a reputation as a rum runners road as bootleggers began using the road to transport alcohol.In 1917 the toll was lowered to $ 1.00 and when a lot more Drivers began making use of the Motor Parkway to travel across Long Island the speed limit was lowered to 40 mph and regional Police where aloud to begin patrolling the parkway to enhance site visitors security. An estimated 150,000 vehicles per year utilized the Motor parkway at its prime. There where 12 toll lodges along the parkway and the toll lodges have a excellent story all their own. The Lengthy Island Motor Parkway Continued on till Easter Sunday,April 16th 1938 when it was forced to close. The Motor Parkway even right after reducing its toll once again to only 40 cents was No longer capable to Compete with Robert Moses State of the art Toll totally free Northern State Parkway. Right after its Closer the Motor Parkway was split up and sold off, Numerous of its Bridges destroyed and roads forgotten.Even though some Remaining Sections of this Historic Parkway like the 13 Mile eastern most Section in Suffolk nevertheless remain in use Most of the Parkway and its History has gone forgotten until recent years.

Members of the Model A Ford Club of Long Island had recognized about a section of the Long Island Motor Parkway with one of its Bridges nevertheless standing hidden away behind Old Bethpage Village and Restoration on Round Swamp Road in Old Bethpage Exactly where the Club holds its Month-to-month meetings. For those of you who never know Old Bethpage Village and Restoration is a pre-Civil War Extended Island Village with far more than 55 historic buildings and a place exactly where any individual of us can travel back in time for the day.I’m sure most of you out there from Extended Island will keep in mind it from field trips back in your College days.Nicely It is all nonetheless there with its very same historic Magic and those old fashion Sodas and Candies you keep in mind. I have located Old Bethpage to be the best spot for a 1st Date! It will not only take you back threw time but it will make you really feel like a Kid all more than once again. In the early Months of 2007 the members of the Model A Ford Club of Extended Island began Clearing away what time and neglect had covered up. Then in May possibly 2007 after significantly tough perform the Members of the Model A Ford Club of Lengthy Island got collectively at Old Bethpage Village and Restoration and took the 1st Cruise because its closing on their own private piece of the Motor Parkway and Extended Islands History. Mark Adler and his 1931 Model A Coop had the Honor of leading the Group and becoming the very first the travel on it! Extended Island has some great History and We should usually bear in mind We need to have to save our Historic Buildings and Land marks!!!

For much more info about this post go to the Model A Ford Club of Lengthy Island’s webpage at www.freewebs.com/modela

While researching this story one particular point that kept coming to my mind was that if Extended Island is a single of the very first place’s exactly where Auto Racing in the US began then does not that mean that Auto Racing actually demands to keep right here? Lets reclaim the Glory!!!

Till subsequent time this is your Bro L.J. James AmericanBikerX.com
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