Win a classic Vespa scooter

Win a classic Vespa scooter

The Vespa line of scooters is one of the oldest and most famous transportation means ever to hit the market. It has been manufactured since 1946 and has remained one the most popular scooters in the market until today. The Piaggio Group of Italy manufactures Vespas although originally they manufactured aircraft, especially for war purposes, but moved to motorcycles after the war because of the need for better transportation around the rubble-filled roads. There are numerous models of Vespa motor scooters available in the market, ranging in size from 50cc to 200cc. If you want to win classic Vespa scooter for free, UK prize is giving you an opportunity of wining a classic 125cc Vespa through its prize draw.

Globally successful, the Vespa motor scooter has enjoyed a remarkable popularity and has become a symbol of stylish personal transportation. They possess a painted, pressed steel body which provides an enclosed engine mechanism that is hidden from grease and dirt. In addition, there is a flat floorboard for the rider’s foot protection and a prominent front fairing that gives wind safety and gives adequate protection to the riders from the unkind weather. All these features make the Vespa scooter endearing as well as durable. If you want to have the classic Vespa scooter, UK Prize draw is giving you a golden chance and offers a prize draw through which participants can win a classic Vespa scooter, just enter your details at UK Prize. To take the advantage of the offers at UK Prize for win a classic Vespa participant should be over 18 and the UK resident.

One of the distinguished features of the Vespa scooter is that they are environmentally friendly and lessen the emission of harmful gases. Additionally they can attain speeds between 40 mph and 100 mph with less fuel utilizations. Nowadays, the Vespa is the world best known scooter brand and owning one has become as much a fashion trend as anything. Vespa scooters are available in various new models and designs models have become a valued possession and considered as vintage. These classic scooters are valuable not only because of their style but they also appeal to collectors due to their value. To take advantage of the offers at UK Prize to win a classic Vespa participant should be over 18 and a UK resident.

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