Wind Power Generators and Wind Turbines

Just like solar energy, the wind’s power also represents a very resourceful alternative rather than the use of fossil fuels. Taking into consideration that it is clean, cost efficient and most importantly it is renewable. By using turbines and wind power generators we can potentially collect this abundant energy and convert it into usable electricity.

For many years civilization’s have been embracing and harvesting wind power, so our generation certainly cannot take full credit as the use of wind power dates back for at least 5000 years give or take. In actual fact, generation after generation have used wind power for many things, such as creating ventilation in architectural structures, propelling sailboats, heat furnaces and even for providing mechanical power. On the other hand, in this day in age we have certainly found radical uses for wind energy which will and probably already has marked generations to come. Included among others are wind power generators, turbines and wind farms.

In order to appreciate the results we get from wind power generators we would firstly need to understand the fundamentals of wind harvesting. In essence wind is a natural flow of air which occurs in our planet’s atmosphere. Solar energy plays a huge part in this natural force, because this motion of wind consists of air molecules, when the sun warms the earth’s surface which warms and raises the air, different degrees of air pressure are created and as a result turns it into wind. Once the wind is in motion, particles then generate kinetic energy, which is then transformed into a more practical use with the help of a wind turbine. Once the blades on the wind turbine are spinning, with the use of a wind power generator the energy is then stored. This wonderful source of energy is now ready to employ without the emission of greenhouse gases.

Wind farms can create a much larger quantity of energy than stand alone turbines, but on a global scale people are beginning to recognize that DIY Windmills and turbines are very capable of generating power to our homes and our businesses. The rewards of constructing a wind power generator and turbine are plentiful. Obviously a combination of both wind power and solar energy together would give you the best results, while each method on its own can be plenty.

Both methods of generating power will give the user the freedom and savings beyond expectation. In fact one wind turbine is capable of powering most electronic equipment in the home. Once the user starts generating their own energy, it’s possible to generate more than required, this surplus energy can be sold back to the power companies, depending on which state or country you are residing in.

There are certain countries around the world, including the United States that recognize the rewards of green living and consider it to be a valuable investment. In many places there is vast accessibility directed towards businesses and homeowners who decide to take on renewable energy systems. So if you are one of those people considering building or purchasing a wind power generator, you may be entitled to some kind of federal subventions or tax cuts. Making the decision to generate your own green energy has never been more easier or rewarding. Lets face it, we owe it to ourselves and to our planet to contribute to a more positive, healthy future.