Winning Tactics For Choosing a Home Water Filtration System to Improve Your Family’s Health

This scared me to death!

I always thought that the government would ensure that the water that came out of my faucet would be safe and pure. The recent events like the New York City copepod scare and the Washington D.C’s Lead announcement showed me that just wasn’t true. This was why I started to look for an alternative and discovered that I could have a water filtration system pumping out pure crystal clear water in my home that I could rely on.

How can you compare the manufacturers claims?

I thought that maybe the companies selling a water filtration system would be able to make wild claims that could not be proven like many of the bottled water manufacturers. I did some research and found that unlike the bottled water manufacturers that companies who produce a water filtration system are held to a high standard and have to clearly document the purity of the water they produce.

Many States including MA,CA,FL,WI have laws to prevent manufacturers making uncertified claims thereby ensuring that you can rely on the purity of the water that they produce. In particular the certification provided by California is one of the best. This gives you an easy way to compare the different manufacturers’ filters ensuring that you get the best one that produces the purest, clearest and tastiest water.

How does the water from a water filtration system compare to bottled water?
Whereas the filtration system manufacturers have to prove their claims the bottled water manufacturers are practically unregulated and can make any claims they want without proof. The FDA does monitor the bottled water producers but all they ensure that its as good as normal tap water. So this means it can be full of lead and other impurities and to add insult to injury you have to pay through the nose for the fancy bottles!

What to look for in a water filtration system

When choosing a filter system for your home you should look for one that is easy to install, produces the purest water possible, allows you to easily obtain refills and which offers great value for money.

While there are a number of manufacturers and types of filtration systems including the jugs you can pick up in your local supermarket a system which is connected directly to the faucet or the pipes offers the greatest convenience and flexibility. If you have to wait 20 minutes for the water to pass into a jug the chances are that you won’t use it. If on the other hand you can just turn on the tap and have the clean, pure water you want you will always use it.

The Water

“The Water” – relaxing stock and nature video of beautiful water and waterfalls.

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