Wireless Internet and the Best Friend of Any Realtor

With all the nontraditional careers popping up these days, it’s easy to forget some of the classic “out of the office” jobs that have been around for ages. Contractors will rarely have a typical day at work, while some salespeople will practically live out of a car during the work week. Still, maybe no job is quite as free-form as that of a real estate agent.

Realtors really have to be everything at once: Counselor to a frustrated seller, motivator to a wavering buyer and even social butterfly when clients are starting to become scarce. Considering the way technology has advanced, realtors are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the developments in cell phone and wireless internet devices. Years ago, these advances were thought impossible, and many old fashioned realtors may be resistant to change. However, those who can see ahead will know that mobile broadband is an extremely useful tool for any realtor. Here are five ways it can boost your business.

1. Cross reference the properties. Sometimes a realtor can see so many properties that your head will be ready to spin. Especially when you have a customer with very specific needs, you want to put everything into context as quickly as possible. If you are having trouble keeping track, take photos of the listings you see and compare with other listings online before moving on. If you see a breakthrough, you can contact your client and schedule an appointment.

2. Skip the office pit stop. For many a realtor, the office is both friend and enemy. If you’re spending a lot of time in the office, that means the real activity is scarce. If you’re never in the office, that could mean you need to get organized. When you take your organizational power to the road with wireless internet, you’ll waste less time in useless pit stops.

3. Tell the story with video. Probably the biggest jump in the latest wireless internet packages in bandwidth. Everything seems to come back to bandwidth in internet matters, so the difference comes with the power being displayed, even with mobile devices. A few still photos are a pleasure for any buyer to receive, but a live video at the first showing? Now that’s a valuable tool.

4. Brief yourself instantly. The real estate industry is all about relationships: Starting them, fostering them, maintaining them. When you can’t place an associate or a property, it seems like you’re out of the loop, a major crime in this business. Use your internet connection to regroup and brief yourself in seconds.

5. Make your car what it always could have been. A realtor knows the value of being out in the field. With wireless internet there’s never a question that can’t be answered, even pulled over at the curb on the way to an appointment. It was always dreamt about, but now it is possible.