Wireless video surveillance technologies will continue to progress

For a lengthy time, the video surveillance system is primarily used for crucial regions or remote places to monitor and handle, it is in the energy systems, telecommunications space, factories, urban transport, water systems, community policing and other locations has been far more widely employed . Video surveillance system will monitor the actual-time collection point true-time video stream transmitted to the monitoring center, to facilitate the monitoring center for remote monitoring, command and disposal for emergencies in a timely manner. But primarily based on the standard wired network video surveillance clear drawbacks: Laying monitoring point is restricted to select monitoring points are usually close to where wired access point, this strategy limits the flexibility of monitoring points laid monitoring performs excellent amount of points, you need to lay cable and fiber-based networks due to engineering typically extremely huge, it is generally far more suitable for wired monitoring network infrastructure already exists occasions lengthy project cycle, the laying of the foundation network time-consuming lacking flexibility, scalability and adjust inconvenient, will improve the quantities and unnecessary network infrastructure lack of mobility, which is a congenital defect wired network. In order to resolve the above troubles, the wireless video surveillance came into becoming, so that video surveillance to rid itself of the limitations brought about by cable. Can be anticipated, along with continued progress of wireless video surveillance related technologies, such as terminal technologies, networking technology, transmission technology, wireless video surveillance business will grow to be a single of the most common wireless network technologies application, the application will turn out to be the dominant wireless city 1.
Wireless video service for the bit error rate, switching efficiency, delay, bandwidth, larger stability, and so forth., if these areas are not properly handled, the video screen will appear mosaic, jump screen, pause and so on. As we all know, WLAN technology was initially not in accordance with the specifications of the telecommunications method made for huge-scale operations, which does not provide for the fundamental version of the difficulty of inter-AP handoff, basic terminal AP switching among quite low efficiency. In addition, the AP and the terminal for video services is no distinct treatment, and common PS domain information, these variables can lead to excellent conduct video surveillance, voice and other genuine-time services. Enhanced video terminal, it is 1 of the techniques to resolve these problems, now has Mesh-WLAN equipment makers launched a special video devoted terminal equipment. They improve switching efficiency and technical improvements, creating the environment in the WLAN network, either fixed or car monitoring effects are quite very good, quite smooth video transmission. In addition, if the WLAN network is not only the simple network, and if the video monitor can be customized according to the demand of the physique utilizing options, greater benefits can be obtained. For instance, you can use Mesh-WLAN infrastructure network deployment, although also making use of the Mesh car terminal gear, as a result avoiding some of the deficiencies WLAN network switching.
For the purposes of wireless video surveillance, wireless video transmission technology is also an essential factor in its overall performance and the overall performance effect. Therefore, the continuous development of wireless video transmission technologies, will continue to improve wireless video surveillance applications. Wireless transmission of high definition video content is a comparatively tough technical troubles, many vendors are operating to boost. Higher-speed version of Wi-Fi can resolve this problem, but requires the video information compression, image top quality will be affected. Since the chip wants to be carried out at both ends of the wireless connection compression, decompression job, so the image will appear delayed transmission. This has prompted manufacturers to study more rapidly and does not demand compression of wireless transmission technologies. A technologies known as WirelessHD is capable of ultra-quickly speed transmission of uncompressed video signal, but it will take several years to be in a position to be commercialized. Furthermore, WirelessHD transmission distance is limited only applies to the transmitted signal in the identical room, not suitable for substantial use in the residence. Yet another technique is to ultra-wideband (UWB), it calls for significantly less than the compression of the screen Wi-Fi, but the greater the transmission distance is restricted. The third alternative, it is a wireless residence digital interface (WHDI), at the moment the technology has been extensively supported by the industry. Three wireless video technologies have benefits and disadvantages, choose the technologies selection is not unity. WHDI is probably the current choice, and WirelessHD is expected to become the future direction of development, its transmission distance tends to make it has particular benefits. Sony support WirelessHD market as a member of the organization, mentioned in a statement, stated the business supports WHDI goal is to have far more alternatives. Samsung Electronics believes, WHDI is just a transitional technologies, such as the Wireless HD technology is mature and will turn to the technologies. Cu
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