With The “fu Boss” Fan Wei Learn Happiness Health – Boss Happy, Healthy Exercise – Food

Health exercise regimen really quite Fu oldest health quotes: “Fu boss happy exercise regimen now! I: walk catwalk; II: like the U.S. thing; III: singing happy; IV: laugh out loud.”

With “Fu boss” Fan Wei learn happiness health
CCTV is Fan Wei hit starring the “Boss of happiness”, the play, starring Fan Wei northeast along the city, “famous” of the foot master not only create their own set of auspicious happiness health exercise, and mouth closed all is the health knowledge, health knowledge in the end if they are inaccurate? Therefore, this specially invited experts on the boss’s health by Fu identified. Is not correct, you the.

Walk cat walk: to clear the blood to prevent brain fatigue
Liaoning Province were Chinese, Liaoning Medicine Department of Endocrinology, University Hospital director Dr. Gao Tianshu said the so-called “walk cat walk” is everyone in the walk, his eyes look straight ahead, head micro-Ang, neck upright, natural erect chest, waist to keep straight, slightly closing the lower abdomen, buttocks slightly backward suddenly. In the walk, after kicking the focus of emphasis in the medial metatarsophalangeal joint. “Walk cat walk” Although it looks very funny, but Dr. Gao Tianshu said walking posture will bow to “yang ascending,” the cat walk, to effectively compensate the work of the long-bow to the brain caused by tension and poor blood circulation . High Tianshu said incorrect walking posture caused by spinal problems, will reflex to the brain, so people either working or walking in the brain are in a state of tension. And “walking the cat step” to ease tensions so that the brain, avoid using brain fatigue and improve sleep quality at night.

Think good things: psychological adjustment to improve immunity
Mental health centers in Shenyang Hong doctor said that psychological effects on the body to maintain homeostasis in vivo environment, conducive to individual adaptation to the environment.

Therefore, we usually think more of “U.S. thing”, as peaceful state of mind, optimistic and doing things to keep happy and comfortable attitude toward life.

Same time, the mood also affects the human body
The functioning of the internal physiological state, control and influence the body’s endocrine system, which determines the body’s immune function, and immune function in a direct impact on human health and longevity. Therefore, we can try to “think the U.S. thing” approach, control and balance their emotions. In general, the degree of psychological balance to a quarter of catharsis, six best balance patience.

Sing happy: Comfort Nourishing to appetite
Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, Wang Xumei psychological clinic director, said, singing not only to regulate the negative emotions of people, health is also very helpful, it can pass through the singing was tranquil, resolve emotional, ease the pressure. “Sing happy” to play a reconciling blood, the role of the five organs Yi Yang. In the “Music” has raised a “music person, blood circulation, turbulent spirit, and the Sacred Hearts of it.” In other words, singing, human nature can develop, regulation of human mind, but also strong appetite, good system impatient anger, depression, good consumption, regulating blood, soul inspiration.

Therefore, no matter their level of singing, we must loudly to express inner feelings come out through the song, which not only unhappy people will vent out of the heart, but also enjoyable Nourishing.

Lol: joint pain relief to prevent a cold
Laugh enable increased sympathetic activity, heart rhythm to speed up, increase cardiac contractility, blood circulation to speed up and make the chest muscle and visceral activity increased. Healthy natural laugh is to eliminate stress, relieve mental anxiety best way to vent the most pleasant way. Wang Xumei that a laugh, a fitness function even more than 15 minutes of gymnastics.

Same time, the laughter can also stimulate the respiratory system and blood circulation, relieve pain, prevent the occurrence of influenza and many diseases.

Feet is the second human heart
Fu oldest health quotes: “The second leg is the human heart”; “foot after drink plenty of water, detoxification.”

Saying goes, “a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This statement proved the “foot is the body’s second heart.” Dr. Gao Tianshu that man’s feet covered with meridians and acupuncture points, is a microcosm of the human body. Foot is on the feet of Meridian, organ reflex zone massage, and to adjust the internal organs, to casual cool wind, the role of qi and blood, and enhance cardiovascular function, improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue, strengthen the body resistance force.

To drink plenty of water after the foot to say, high Tianshu explained that this is a grain of truth, the foot massage within half an hour after, we should appropriate more water and rest a moment, it can promote the metabolic products excretion.

Do not eat four hours before bedtime
Fu oldest health quotes: “People sleep sleep stomach also.”
Food intake in the night, will disturb the normal gastrointestinal rest. Eat before going to sleep at night, not only affects the quality of sleep, would “accidentally” destroy good shape. Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital, Dr. Bai Hua suggested that, before going to bed four hours best not to eat, if ready to go to bed at 10 pm, it is best not to eat after 6pm anything. If ready to go to bed at midnight 12 o’clock, then the night after 8 pm will fast.

Dr. Bai Hua said that after dinner, if you do not intend to eat anything, we should brush our teeth, to give yourself a hint, that will not stop here to eat today. In 4 hours you any physical or mental activity, energy consumption, the glucose consumption to the lowest point, thus avoiding the synthesis of fat and glucose to a large number of possibilities.

Early in the evening sun with stress
In the “Mother of Bliss”, Fan Wei, closed mouth that are health knowledge, and even lying when interviewed by health, said there is particular about the sun’s way, “the morning sun Labour Temple, noon drying wind pool and Baihui, sunset sun Mingmen, “then this argument is there reason for this?

Yang of life are so crucial in terms of, maintenance of real sun, you can fight against villainy, anti-aging. The maintenance of an important means of yang is to more sun, the sun, but we have to be the sun, then how the sun is right?

Renowned physician Professor Yang Li in the way the sun had been explained in detail:

When a golden sun is rising in the East Xuxu Di, we came out with two hands Spontaneous facing the sun, take a deep breath, this will BOLA TANGKAS