Woman From The Mahjong Table To Farm

Moon This is the city people, this year in April, she left the noisy city to a remote village, rent a few acres of forest land, and began to raise chickens in captivity. A few days ago, this reporter went to visit her farm, two farms next to the parked motor tricycle, is buying live chickens. After several months of hard work, Moon finally paid off. She could not suppress his excitement, emotion, told reporters: There is no hard, no gain. This is a truth Yeah!

Moon was originally a state-owned enterprise workers, laid off after a few years ago, to make ends meet, she has done a lot of small businesses. Later, she opened a noodle Museum, and laid off her husband operate the business I feel great. Unexpectedly, less than two years, her husband suddenly ill, lost self-care ability, noodle museum due to lack of manpower, had to close. At this time the moon, in addition to her husband to take care of illness, no other things to do, slowly and actually fell in love with playing mahjong. Serve her husband every day wash, eat, take medicine, she began to play cards close to home and chess rooms, each winning and losing about 5 dollars. Start, Moon also won two 30 yuan per day, but there are winners and losers, sometimes lost on the tens of dollars. Over time, moon and feel a little bored. Seeing the savings when selling noodle has been running low, coupled with Dugao San’s son soon to be college entrance examination, once admitted to the university, have to require spending a small fortune in the face of status quo, moon and some worry.

At that time, she saw other people from the television coverage of rich chicken, so eyebrows. She also raised chickens for change through the family’s economic situation. So she resolutely leave a card table, through a friend rented a piece of woodland, from Xinzheng buy 5000 chicken, chickens began his career.

Moon had never been raised chickens, in order to become familiar with the technology, she bought many books on science and chicken, while learning, while practice. Take her own bed in the chicken coop, in addition to well-fed during the day, the night also look closely, wondering chicks patterns of life habits. In particular, 7 August when the temperature is high, hen house smell great, together with mosquito bites, moon and it is difficult to tell the subject of crime. However, all the difficulties and hardships, Moon is strongly survive. Now, the first batch of chicks had reached slaughter standards. As she is casual, chicken, meat quality is good, taste fresh, so, really hearing a lot of people come to buy. Thousands of chickens will be sold out less than a month. Moon figured accounts, remove the loss and the first chicken feed, disease prevention drugs costs, its net profit nearly two million.

Be tan skinned moon told reporters that the chicken through the practice of the past few months, making her feel chicken is hardly worth the effort. As long as willing to endure hardship, there will be return. She intends to immediately re-enter back to the second batch of chicks, after several months of feeding, the New Year’s can slaughter. If you take a good year, three batches of feed is not a problem. If nothing else, a year net profit of 60,000 yuan should be possible to do.

Now, the moon and the son had been admitted to the Pingdingshan of a university. Son to school need money, need money to treat her husband. Moon said he would fancy chickens this, in which she depends on that path to stir up the burden of family life to. BOLA TANGKAS