Women Go To Dry Winter Moisture The Best Health Products

Winter came, and brought a warm hand and caring lover care, it also brings the annoying dry skin problems. What to eat in the end good for moisturizing the skin? Now, let me introduce you to some health goods, care for you all winter long.


Water resistance to toxins may be the primary measure of aging. In the body, water is responsible for transport of useful substances (nutrients, hormones … …), rid the body of waste. Disrupt water homeostasis, of course, also affect the balance of the MAC Cosmetics . Water recharge is low, the skin can make a good block air pollutant (such as: UV, smoke … ….)

To this end, a small number of various drinking water (soft drinks, mineral water, tea, flower tea, etc.) is very important, at least 1.5 liters a day. Among them, the tea is rich in phenols (an antioxidant compound to counteract the erosion of free radicals on the cells), especially beneficial to the skin! But, should not drink tea too much, otherwise it will disrupt sleep, mac mascara the stability of the body iron.

Vegetable oil: to maintain skin elasticity fat

Vegetable oil is essential to maintaining skin tissue material. This refers to the cell membrane phospholipids; it plays a protective cell, ensuring the role of intracellular communication. Therefore, it can be fatty acid vegetable oil can ensure cell maintenance and metabolism. Some of these MAC Cosmetics Outlet acids also act as a lubricant cell, which can limit the loss of water and avoid dry skin.

If fatty acids are essential because our skin is not able to create their own plants, as the substance. Therefore, to rely on vegetable oil, or oil crops. One last point: the oil is also rich in vitamin E. It gives the skin a double mac concealer colors: to ensure good hydration and delay skin aging.

Shellfish and crustaceans: Keep flawless skin

Seafood is rich in selenium and MAC Cosmetics Outlet, two important antioxidants. Trace elements can resist both the skin from free radicals. Pearl oysters are zinc (22mg/100g). The element selenium fish, a variety of flavors: tuna (82mg/100g), cuttlefish (65mg/100g), Huang Gai flounder (55mg/100g), mussels (56mg/100g), and mackerel (39mg / 100g).

Fruits and vegetables: the fight against skin aging

Of course, because of their water and vitamin-rich, but also the skin shimmering bright, ruddy complexion, and the ability to MAC Cosmetics the radical erosion of the skin surface. Therefore, we recommend eating more carrots; its -carotene content is unrivaled.