Women’s fairways and hybrids

When it comes to making the game easier and more fun, as women golfers we just love our lofted woods. It only takes a few hits of a high-lofted hybrid or a large-headed, easy-to-use fairway metal to realise that these clubs are our secret weapons designed to suit our slower swing speeds by launching the ball much higher and with greater ease than our irons.


No surprise then that many manufacturers now produce sets for women that are entirely made up with hybrids rather than irons. Although not to everyone’s taste, one thing is for certain, if you’re not carrying at least three woods or hybrids in your bag you’re seriously missing out.


Performance-wise the woods get a unanimous thumbs up; they sit behind the ball neatly and square to the target and offer a fantastic ball flight. As in the case of the Nike SQ SUMO 5000 Fairway Wood, the design technology is centred around increasing clubhead speed for added distance, while maintaining stability for a straight flight. That’s appealing too as we don’t like to stray too far from the fairway!


Thanks to SQ SUMO geometry, the strategically located center of gravity gives you the freedom to work the ball and laugh in the face of even the most sadistic course designers. The deep-faced profile and rounded Nike PowerBow design offer the best in performance options, allowing you to hit it long and straight, or shape it like the games best players.


Cleveland was the first company to combine everything we love about fairway woods and hybrids into one multi-purpose club – the Cleveland Hibore XLS Hybrid . Now they’ve taken this concept one step further by producing a club that’s even easier to hit – the FYbrid HS.


While the better players in our test group loved the simple, clean design and strong performance from these woods, our higher handicappers struggled to get such an easy, high flight, despite the fact that the new FYbrid has a lower centre of gravity and more weight deep in the head.


This Hybridboasts more offset to promote a square face at impact, preventing slices and making it easier for directional and trajectory control. PGA Tour feedback has led to a more blunt toe and symmetrical shape for an appealing look at address.