Women’s Golf Shoes – Choosing the Pair That’s Best For You

There are countless women’s golf shoes on the market today. With women’s entry into a traditionally male-dominated sport, it’s good that the market is finally catching up by offering a variety of shoe options for the dedicated female golfer.

But with so many choices comes a number of decisions as well. One of the first choices you’ll face is what style of shoe you want. Some of the more traditional styles, such as saddle shoe, wing-tipped golf shoe, and others, are available in women’s sizes and cuts.

Other options include more modern shoes, including canvas and suede flats, golfing sandals, and modern athletic style shoes designed specifically to be worn on the golf course.

Another decision is whether you will be going with spiked bottom shoes or not. Golf spikes are very traditional and have long been part of the game. At first, they were always made of metal, but as plastic and rubber gained more prominence in all things manufactured, golf shoes were changed as well. Now, women’s golf shoes use hard rubber spikes, but there are plenty of non-spiked shoes available. The best way to navigate this part of your shoe-buying decision is to call and ask your regular courses what their policies are regarding spikes.

Size also matters. Because of this, it’s very important to try on golf shoes in person. Yes, there are many retailers available online, and web based sales will probably give you the widest selection. But do not underestimate the importance of having worn a certain brand of shoe before. Sizes can fluctuate between brands, and not all women’s golf shoes are sized the same. Buy your first pair in person, and then go online in the future once you have a brand you know fits you well.

Comfort is one of the most important elements in your shoe purchasing decision. Comfort isn’t an issue of vanity; it’s an issue of health: physical health, and the health of your golf game, too! Shoes that fit well and do not rub are important to avoid blisters. They should also be supportive so that you do not develop back problems. Uncomfortable shoes detract from your game and can make every swing, and every walk between holes miserable. Make sure you get shoes that feel good.

Then there is price. Shoes designed for a specific sport are often expensive, especially from the high quality athletic brand names. Make sure you’re getting a shoe that you feel good about and will wear before you spend the money. A smart buy will be worth it; a hasty buy will not.

And finally, make sure when buying women’s golf shoes that you get a style you like. From spikes to shape and color, you deserve shoes that you feel good in and about. They won’t make you a pro, but they’ll make you feel good every time you walk up to the tee.