Wong Lo Kat Raw Materials Come Prunella “add Gate” By Rectification Of Names

Prunella vulgaris can be used as raw material for herbal tea drinks! The day before yesterday, the Ministry of Health released the “approval of DHA algal oil, cottonseed seven kinds of oligosaccharides and other food items for the new resources and other relevant provisions of the Notice (2010 No. 3)”, the new capital
Source of food, common food production and operation, as well as the use of herbal tea beverage raw materials to make the new requirement.
According to “Food Safety Law” and the “new resources of food management practices” requirement, the Ministry of Health approval of DHA algal oil, cottonseed oligosaccharides, phytosterols, phytosterol esters, arachidonic acid oil, white out vegetables, Royal 7 m oil kinds of food items for the new resources, allowing roses, grass jelly grass as an ordinary food production and operation, allowing Prunella, cloth residue leaves, eggs, flowers as raw material the use of herbal drinks.
Last year’s “Prunella vulgaris incident” caused widespread concern
Last year in May, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea encountered, “Prunella vulgaris incident” has aroused wide concern. Some media reports, there are consumers as a result, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea to drink after gastric ulcer. A doctor’s diagnosis that the patient’s condition is a result of drinking large quantities of Chinese herbal medicines containing the sexual taste bitter cold of Wong Lo Kat herbal tea due to Prunella. Wong Lo Kat herbal tea to the consumers will be sued. Wong Lo Kat manufacturers JDB written response, said its production of red canned Wong Lo Kat is a “plant beverages,” the health sector have been issued a license belonging to the ordinary food. Long-term consumption will not cause harm to consumers, does not require the packaging of the product marked “not suitable for the crowd.”
It was noted that Wong Lo Kat herbal tea, including the use of some herbs Prunella vulgaris, and not allow the consumption of the Ministry of Health published the list of Chinese herbal medicines, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea experience “to add the door.” After the Ministry of Health, said Wong Lo Kat has been in the health sector for the record.
Long-term consumption had no significant toxic side effects of Prunella
Prunella vulgaris disputes in general has also caused widespread concern among consumers, some consumers suggested that Wong Lo Kat herbal tea with herbs as raw materials, mainly Prunella, immortality, honeysuckle, eggs, flowers, cloth residue leaves, chrysanthemum, licorice, etc. three-drug, Wong Lo Kat should be indicated on the packaging instructions to adapt to the crowd and not suited to the crowd.
Guangdong Provincial Hospital Vice-President Professor Chen Dacan an interview with reporters this morning, said Prunella moderate potency, in the Lingnan region, a long history of use, but also more suitable for Lingnan’s climate, there is the effect of heat dampness, but also often used in restaurants , the family, drinks. He said the long-term consumption Prunella no apparent toxic side effects, though it should be according to their physical condition, weather choose to drink, Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine because of inside information than the rich, many people from childhood to know when to drink herbal tea, do not blindly drinking. “Prunella vulgaris incident” to some enlightenment to the enterprise in Guangdong, the product out of Guangdong, into the country, to the world, the corresponding Chinese medicine knowledge and culture have to get people along. BOLA TANGKAS