working with Obama at Mcdonalds

Did you know that Barack Obama is working part-time at McDonalds? Huh? Somewhere out there, within the vastness of space, is the possibility that Obama is right now slinging fries at a fast-food drive-thru window. If this is true then there is also the chance that you, too, could be working along side him at this very moment.


There are many scientists and cosmologists who believe space is infinite—it goes on forever. So, if space really does have no end then by mathematical odds there must be an exact replica of our own universe—and to go one step further, I believe there are an infinite number of exact replicas of our universe.


If true, there are also exact replicas of you living somewhere out there. The concept of parallel universes is hard for most people to grasp, but I believe it is not as far-fetched as we might believe. If you look closely, you will find that this theory explains many things about why and how we each have different experiences in life.


Imagine an infinite number of you living on exact replicas of this earth and within duplicate copies of our universe. Again, if true, somewhere out there John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, Princess Di didn’t die in a car crash, and Elvis Presley is still alive.


It is my theory that this multi-universe point of view accounts for why some people have everything while others seem to have nothing, and why the Law of Attraction is indeed real. Any scientist will tell you that everything, including thought, is made up of energy. I believe it is our thoughts that connect us to those unseen dimensions.


Have you ever found yourself day-dreaming about being a famous movie star, or perhaps a famous musician or professional sports figure? Sure, we all have at some point in our lives. But haven’t you also wondered why those people who are famous should be the only ones to get to experience what is like to be a celebrity? I mean, come on, it just doesn’t seem fair.


Why was Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest and most famous basketball player of all-time, born with the DNA that made him grow to a height of 6’6” with hands that could palm a good-size watermelon? What about the guy working at a local Wal-mart who simply lives and breathes the game of basketball? You can bet he has had many episodes of dreaming that he is a famous sports figure just like Michael Jordan.


In our multi-universe theory, Michael Jordan has never played the game of basketball, and is currently applying for unemployment benefits at a local department for employment services. Whatever the case may be, there has to be an infinite number of Michael Jordan, for example, living all infinite possible outcomes. Every possible outcome for each person’s life is happening out there, and it is my belief that we are constantly moving in and out these dimensions because of what we choose to believe in and what we think about.


As I mentioned, I believe the Law of Attraction governs what we actually experience in life. Our thoughts are energy, and basically the Law of Attraction states that we attract that which we focus on with the most frequency and intensity. In other words—what direction our lives take is determined by the thoughts we think.


When we are trying to manifest certain things and experiences into our lives by using the Law of Attraction, it appears as though we are attracting to us those things and experiences, and indeed we are—but, in contrast and comparison to what most Law of Attraction experts believe, it is my belief that we are not just attracting our desires, but we do it by actually moving in and out of the many different dimensions in which we already have those particular things and living those exact experiences.


Without going into a lengthy discussion about quantum physics, physicists have shown that not only can a particle be in two places at the same time, but it actually must be. Again, remember that everything is made up of energy. When speaking of multiple universes, keep in mind that these universes are far away in a physical sense, but closer to us in a quantum sense—closer to us than the clothes we wear.


I know this all sounds like something out of a Steven Spielberg flick, but let’s look at another example. Imagine that you are in an important meeting at work, and that you have been having a really bad day, thus far. Your boss turns to you and asks why you haven’t done this or that, or whatever. At that moment, your blood begins to boil. You are wanting to tell your boss to go sit on a toilet with the seat raised. What do you do? What you do or say next will determine what dimension or reality you will now enter.


Deciding that you have had enough of this particular job and, especially, your boss, you begin to unleash a flurry of profanities. Or, on the other hand, you apologize to your boss, offering him or her reasons why you haven’t done what they had asked you to do.


In either scenario, your current reality splits off into a parallel universe (remember, there are multiple universes housing all possible outcomes pertaining to our thoughts) in which you experience the affects of your decision. In this case, you will now either experience being fired, and then begin to live within one of an infinite number of repercussions relative to your outburst, or you will experience any one of an infinite number of possible outcomes pertaining to your apologies.


This splitting is instantaneous and completely undetectable by us. This is why I believe that even the smallest difference in thought has great power and changes our lives in ways we can’t begin to even imagine.


Why do I believe such things? I believe because of the many things Science has already uncovered, coupled with my own experience with the Law of Attraction.


Physicists have calculated that if we can focus our thoughts (which are energy) upon something, focusing with great energy, then space and time begins to warp and act in funny ways.


Whether or not I am off my rocker remains to be seen; however, can you imagine what you could do with your life given that what I have said here is indeed true?


Regardless of the specifics, I know from experience that we can change our current situation or circumstances at any given moment—and we do this through our thoughts. We live within a physical body, but the body is not us—it is only a container where we park our lives (energy).


Conclusion: We live in a physical body of flesh and bone which is so complex that we haven’t even begun to understand everything about it. And we live within a universe which is so immense and beautifully complex that we are left dumbfounded by the sheer mystery of it. So, starting now, examine your life, and then decide what it is that you would like to experience. Give it your full attention. You may just find yourself splitting off into a parallel universe.


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