World of Warcraft Cheap Gold – 3 Secrets of the Best Gold Guides

If you’ve ever tried to purchase gold for World of Warcraft, your experience was probably not a very pleasant one. There is a reason that the Blizzard company (the creators of WoW) do not allow this practice. A lot of the “gold selling” websites are nothing more than scams that will take your money but never deliver the gold. It’s not the way the game was intended to be played, and in the end, buying gold just takes away from the full WoW gaming experience.

So if you’re not going to buy gold, what should you do to acquire the most gold possible? Here are 3 secrets from expert WoW players:

Secret #1 – There are several good Warcraft gold guides on the market and thousands of copies of the various guides have been sold. So there is no shortage of people to ask for recommendations on what they think the best gold guide is. The best place to get a recommendation is to visit a World of Warcraft forum and follow some of the threads that talk about gold guides. It will usually become quite apparent in a short period of time which gold guides the best players prefer. Use those guides as a starting point for further research.

Secret #2 – While you’re in the forums looking for recommendations of good gold guides, also look for threads that talk about the results people are getting by using these guides. After all, what you’re really buying when you invest in a WoW gold guide is results, not the information in the book. So pay particular attention to threads that talk about specifics in terms of gold strategies recommended in the guides and how well they worked for players. Obviously guides that produce results are the ones you should target.

Secret #3 – WoW gold guides come basically in two “flavors”. There are the physical versions that you can buy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other bookstores. The other type are the downloadable PDF e-books. In general, the e-books tend to be more popular because they contain the absolute latest information and are easy for the authors to update and get revised copies out to their readers. With an e-book, you can always be assured of having the most up-to-date tips, tricks & secrets.

Using these 3 tips, you should be able to quickly zero in on one or two of the best WoW gold guides available and make your choice of which one to buy.