Would You Choose to Go Out in The Freezing Cold?

I’ve just got back in from slipping and sliding in the snow and ice. By our standards here in the UK the weather over the last week or so has been atrocious. We’ve had sub-zero temperatures, big snowfalls, and freezing fog, and we’re just not very good at dealing with it.

Most of the side-roads are covered in a sheet of ice so driving needs great care and you risk life and limb when you attempt to walk on the pavements (sidewalks).

But I’ve been out in it nearly every day!

As someone who runs a business online you might wonder why I bothered. Well the simple fact is that I chose to. I also have an offline business and whilst it was not essential for me to get out there, I decided that I would in order to give my customers the best service I could.

Just look at that last paragraph again. Do you see the two key words? That’s right, I “chose” to go out and I “decided” to give the best service.

Lots of people have been badly affected by the poor weather, you may have yourself either now or in the past, because they believed they had no choice other than to go to work or make other journeys that they considered necessary. Right now that may be right but what about when the bad weather strikes again in the future. Would you choose to go out in the freezing cold or would you rather have another option?

It really is down to you. You do have a choice and you can decide what you want to do, not just about how you deal with the weather conditions, but about all the other aspects of your life that are not going how you would wish.

Everything you achieve in life will be down to the choices you make and the decisions you take. So take a look at your life right now – your job or career, your health, your financial situation, where you live, and your relationships – and ask yourself if you are really happy. If you are then that’s fantastic but I suspect not. The very fact that you are reading this today suggests you are looking for a better way. So take the decision to do something about it. Find out more about that career change, new fitness regime, new house, healthier lifestyle. Whatever it is you’re dissatisfied with take a first step towards changing it.

Decide now that in the future when you are presented with something that you really don’t want to do, like leaving your cosy, warm house to go out in the snow or even your air-conditioned apartment to venture out into the stifling heat, you will have another option.

You do have a choice, but only you can make it.