Writers – Be Thankful For Editors!

Go most anywhere in the world today and you’re bound to meet at least one person who says, “I’m writing a novel” or “I’m working on the next best selling self-help book. When I’m finished with it, this book will literally change the world!”

And that’s great if the person saying all this is actually writing on a somewhat regular basis.

But getting the whole thing written down is only the first step.

The next step is polishing and revising the work to make it marketable. After all, it can’t become a best seller if you can’t first SELL your manuscript to a publisher who is willing to take a chance on it.

But this polishing and editing and rewriting stage is where many writers fall by the wayside.

And it’s not because they’re lazy or unwilling to do the work it takes to make their manuscript marketable.

Quite often, they’re just afraid that making the manuscript marketable would mean changing their story so MUCH it would no longer be THEIR story.

And that’s the thought that takes the wind out of their sails, the ink out of their pen, and the power to type like crazy out of their fingertips.

But here’s what they (and YOU) should remember:

Generally, good or great editors know more than authors do about what makes a manuscript SELL.

It’s their job to help authors turn their manuscripts into books that will make money for everyone involved.

Of course, authors don’t need to heed every single suggestion they receive from their editor. But they should try their best to take most of the editor’s suggestions to heart.

Today, if you’re working with an editor who is just “too picky” or “seems to change everything I write” – be thankful.

This person sees such potential in you and your writing that he or she is willing to spend time and energy to help you turn your work into a marketable manuscript.

What could be better than that?

Be thankful for your editor.

Then sit down and get back to the writing and revising and polishing!

Try it!