Writer’s Block – Cause and Cures

The problem with giving advice when people want to set up an Internet business is when you come to have a problem and you can’t actually follow that same advice yourself. Actually, that’s not entirely true because the advice to which I refer concerns an article I did about deciding what to write  about when your chosen method of marketing was writing articles. It has to be said in my case that the problem is not knowing what to write about but rather what to write. Indeed, is there any difference?  Let us look at that point in more detail.

I have no shortage of subject matter. In fact, anyone that has had even a modicum of success in business should have something they can put pen to paper about. There will always be someone out there who is at a similar stage  of learning to you who can benefit from your newly found expertise! No, the problem here is just a mental block on actually writing anything down at  all. In other words, a severe case of writer’s block. I suspect that there is no one out there that has not suffered form this at some time or other and it  might be a good idea to look first at the cause and then the cure.

One of the most common is probably having to write under pressure – in other words, when you have a deadline to meet and an editor that does not ( or will not ) understand this particular condition as something that is real. The other cause ( and this is most certainly the case with me ) is when I have a lot on my mind. That doesn’t mean to say when you have  a backlog of stuff  to deal with – rather a lot of emotional problems that just seem to cause a complete barrier to any creative flow.

Let us now consider the cures for these two cases. With the first example, my advice is get into a routine every day/week as required so that your creativity actually becomes a habit. If you remember being at school and having to be there the same time each day and doing certain lessons on certain days, that was not only to the advantage of the organisation but to enable the requisite part of your brain to kick in at the right time, in the right way, out of sheer habit – if nothing else. The answer then is to find a routine that suits you best and stick to it. The more you practice,  the easier it gets.

That second problem of feeling stressed out is what affects my writing more than anything. Without doubt, the cure is to sit down with pen and paper and allow everything (all those niggly little problems) to come out onto the page. It won’t be long – I  promise you –  before your mind clears and you’re actually writing about something a little more enlightening. And, you never know, you might just end up with a piece of writing that you can actually publish. Never forget, people love to read about something to which they can relate at a personal level.

Just in case you haven’t already guessed, I sat down before writing this article with a case of writer’s block and realised half way through that it could well be of use to somebody else. Indeed, one of the rules of writing is that people like to see a conflict or problem with which they can associate in order for them to read on. It is well worth remembering that as you peruse your article marketing with a view to getting off to a good start with your Internet business – with or without writer’s block!