Wu Jianmin, Chairman Of Shares Credited Choulan Study Concluding Thoughts Go To The South

By the end of March, Choulan shares went to the south provinces, Chairman Wu Jianmin field inspections, investigations, were visited with the industry representative for foreign and domestic enterprises, research institutions, eco-city, high-tech industry park, in addition to the foreign management The fine, which dare to try-funded enterprises daring and entrepreneurial spirit to tackle difficult problems Quest dedication of scientists, urban construction in the spirit of humanism and the development of high-tech world of deep feeling towards the five areas, the The study also Choulan the development of the future a more scientific basis and guarantee Choulan will continue to maintain creative young state, open up brand new markets and continue to forge national new products, and highlight the theme of Oriental culture fashion banner, pioneering global fashion territory, golden years to achieve in the future growth of the domestic leading ladies Choulan strategic business objectives.

 The study of these foreign-funded enterprises in the meticulous management, human management and production line management and so on, and there is still a wide gap between foreign enterprises, such as the GM assembly line of black-light management, visual Kanban management, training mechanisms, level review mechanism South Korea Superconducting modern equipment of enterprises and scientific processes, rich cultural life, and so very worthy of humane management of Chinese enterprises learn and learning; from Chery, Gree and other rapidly growing domestic enterprises development, the more courageous, larger steps, daring to dare to try, dare to expansion of new private enterprises is common, such enterprises followed up with the times, good at seizing the historical opportunity, a bold expansion of industrial landscape and create a new sales channel, as China and the world leaders in the field of the same industry and the leader of such private enterprises dare to boldly try to challenge the world class brands, the courage to break the monopoly of the dauntless entrepreneurial role model for other private enterprises; Wu Jianmin has to visit Science Island in Hefei, Anhui, Nanjing 10 4 and so silently fighting the scientists on the research front, most people in the pursuit of material comfort of the times, in order to homeland security, national power, human beings a better life, they have been quiet dedication with their own values, can learn from them several decades to devote ourselves to research and technology dedicated devotion; from Suzhou, Wuxi and other cities of the construction and development point of view, Wu Jianmin that the young, artistic, cutting-edge technology to create a bold charm of the city such a distinctive feature of human Humanistic care is also a prominent bright spot in its urban construction, so that artists of the creativeness of the entire creative industry’s development and progress, whether it is doing business or other industries, should uphold the humanistic spirit, with human interests, efforts create art, People living environment; Hi-Tech Park in particular, the rise of many new industrial parks and recycling, changing the industry over the past blindly extensive pattern of manufacturing sector towards the formation of a new situation sophisticated direction. However, the development and promotion of high technology in the process, how to properly examine the traditional manufacturing and high-tech industry in the future leading role in economic development, especially for high-tech industries in high-risk industries, need to hold more stringent dedicated science spirit to look at, we must pay attention to prevent exaggerated wind, and the blind worship of the phenomenon of high-tech projects Restricting to prevent the indiscriminate investments in order to avoid unnecessary risk to the national economy or loss.

Through this field research, Choulan Chairman Wu Jianmin deeply understand in today’s open society, should have an open mind and an international vision to look at the development of enterprises, in a timely manner stand a broader level, to re-examine the clothing industry and fashion industries, enterprises can realize the vision bigger and stronger. From the perspective of the development of the enterprise itself, Wu Jianmin, said Choulan will continue to maintain the existing international perspective, the ongoing process of internationalization, with an open attitude to meet international challenges, as always, adhere to multi-brand strategy with to solve the bottleneck extensive single brand, bigger and stronger domestic and foreign markets, and improving the integration of brand value, reducing the risk of running a single brand, to complete the capital markets and real economy, the combination of strong capital market thrust, the strong integration of the domestic Foreign brand resources, continue leveraging the power of strategies, the successful completion of international mergers and acquisitions, large and powerful stride toward the goal. In the enterprise development process, Choulan will continue to strengthen the business of the design research and development capabilities, and expanding the role of brand propulsion research and development, production, marketing team, to achieve stabilization of qualified personnel, technology, international and cutting-edge technology, maintain corporate vitality, a positive response to the State Council on the transformation and upgrading of the times the call of enterprises should, according to local conditions to complete the transformation and upgrading of science, for the truly Chinese garment enterprises in Shandong and even bigger and stronger and fulfill the brand garment industry cluster upgrade building, set a historic contributions.