Xavier Institute

This Institute is also the initial 1 of its sort to mix Character Improvement in language teaching. Maybe, no other institute can boast of utilizing as many discoveries and inventions in the linguistic and philological fields for the benefit of their own students.
XIM, Calcutta (now XIM, Kochi) is a Government registered, non-profiting Educational Institute of its personal class, which provides value-added and valuable education through its own locally developed educational technology &amp pledges to make education totally objective as nicely as meaningful to guarantee visible benefits. It is not a normal University nor a Deemed University : it is significantly a lot more than that, because men and women with PhD. degree, the highest a University can award, come right here to learn.
XIM, Calcutta (now XIM, Kochi ), was established at Calcutta in 1984 as a Registered Society. It is an institution (not a University) which can boast of obtaining numerous PhDs in its Learners’ List. The most spectacular feather on its cap is that the PhDs who attended our courses, have been high admirers of our courses and the style of teaching . 1 of such PhDs was the Dean of Commerce Division of a reputed University in India . One more was the English Lecturer (with PhD degree in English from Jawaharlal University in New Delhi ) of a popular college at Cochin (now Kochi ). But another was the Head of Department of a standard College in Kerala and a Member of Calicut University . The hundreds of comments the Institute has received in writing from its students, are undoubtedly incomparable to any other educational institution including the Universities in India or abroad, specifically thinking about the short duration of learning.
The President of XIM, Calcutta, MR. ROY VARGHESE, KOITHARA is the Managing Director of Safrroys Machines Pvt. Ltd., 1 of the two manufactures in the world for high speed, automatic and computerised capsule creating machinery at Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal, India.
The President of XIM, Kochi, Mr. XAVIER SEBASTIAN is the Managing Director, Indo American Hospital, (Brain &amp Spine Centre), Vaikon former Managing Director, Kerala Chemicals &amp Proteins Ltd., Executive Director, Lissie Hospital, Common Manager (Marketing), Steel Authority of India Ltd.
One more prominent character in the Governing Body is our Director MR. JACOB NETTIKKATT of Nettikkadan family members, the inventor of six new products and the originator of a new thesis, which have startled several philologists in distinct components of the world, for all of them are brand new products and not amendments or alterations in current items. The inventions are: (a) A Scientific Methodology For Teaching Foreign Languages systematically (b) Sensible Philology (a kit of scientific ideas and tools as properly as rules and guidance for studying foreign languages less complicated, quicker, interestingly and with assured result (c) Map of Language – (Anatomy of Language) (d) Linguistic Yardstick (a yardstick to measure unnecessary complexity in a language) (e) The Phonetic Alphabet (an alphabet with 24 letters to keep away from finding out of spellings and pronunciations of words) (f) A Scientific Language – (Uni Lingua) – which can be learnt by an intelligent individual inside a couple of hours to communicate ordinary matters (with the assist of some charts and lists). (g) The new Thesis on language teaching identifies issues which lead to poor final results in language teaching and prescribes answer.
All the items are of excellent influence and consequence for the linguistic progress of the globe. The contributions of Mr. Nettikkatt in the philological and linguistic world, arising out of his private study for 46 years, have to be regarded to type a lion’s share of the total contributions in the whole globe for the duration of the previous millennia.