Xbox 360 3 Flashing Red Lights – How to Fix It?

Xbox 360 is a fantastic video gaming console that is played with deep interest throughout the world. Its unique features of wireless controllers, amazing graphics, and stupendous community have gained the console a considerable popularity among the gaming lovers of the world. That is why people of all ages from children to grown ups indulge crazily playing on their favorite Xbox 360 console forgetting all the things around them.

As like any electronic machine, Xbox 360 has also its own problems that occur while playing the console for hours together. The problems are related to the overheating of the console. The nature of the problems differs from each other depending on the number of flashing lights on the power button of the console. For example, one red light shows a system error or major hardware failure; two red lights indicate the console got overheated; four red lights denote the problem related to the connection between the console and the AV cables. Here, the 3 flashing red lights show the general hardware failure and until the problem is solved the 3 red lights will always flash around the power button.

How to fix the Xbox 360 3 flashing red lights?

To fix the 3 blinking red lights is not very difficult as it appears initially. But friends, it is a good thing if your console is within warranty period, send it to the Microsoft service center and let them take the bull by the horns! Here, the flip side of the matter is you have to wait to get back the repaired console almost for 5 weeks, without gaming. The remarkable thing is Microsoft will never disclose you the secret of how they fixed the Xbox 360’s 3 red lights problem. They will leave you in the dark, but give your console repaired as earlier as it was working.