Xiamen, Xiamen Hua Chengshi Expo Hall Only Designated Tv Provider – Home Appliances, Xoceco –

from Xiamen City in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Affairs Office was informed that the International leading designer and manufacturer of TV?? Xoceco

Electronic The company has officially become the “Expo Hall only designated Xiamen TV supplier”, which is among the company, “the UN agency UNOPS Project Procurement Supplier”, “winning the U.S. military procurement,” after winning another major.

Learned that the World Expo as the current Comprehensive Urban Best Practices Area exhibition first appearance of the pavilion, the Expo Center on April 20 in Xiamen and Expo an early test run, officially opened on May 2. Xiamen Office official said the World Expo, the Expo Hall to Xiamen Xiamen better living environment, endless charm and urban development, human vitality presented before the people in the world, select Xoceco such professional TV provider, saw in the company in technological innovation, green

Environmental protection , And product quality, leading nature, these are highly fit the theme of the Expo, ideas. As China’s largest

TV One of the Xiamen Overseas Chinese export enterprises may think that the Expo is the business of “going out” an excellent platform to help further develop Xoceco, intensive international market, Xiamen Overseas Chinese exports is expected this year, last year on the basis of adverse economic high growth to continue maintain a steady upward trend.

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics chairman Wang Yan Yuan told reporters, this was sent to the World Expo in Xiamen Museum election is Xiahua own brand PRIMA “cross” series

LCD TV The model across the Taiwan Strait as a flat panel display research and innovation team, is a new proprietary

Energy Environmental carbon network television, were awarded “China Top Ten flat-panel TV” title. It is understood that the product is Xoceco original network broadcast remote LAN patented technology, through the normal cable and computer connections, use the remote control can be in the “cross” the TV directly clear, smooth shared appreciation of the computer hard drive of

Video , Pictures, text and other content; In addition, standby power consumption of the product is less than 1W, the content can be dynamically adjusted automatically according to the screen backlight, so as to achieve 20-60% of energy efficiency, and including Xoceco “cross” TV included full range of products, both export and domestic markets, are uniform in accordance with the RoHS environmental requirements of the standard production at the same time, to protect resources and reduce environmental damage, Xoceco fully into account in product design material reuse, recycling, and recovery, the current , Xiamen Overseas Chinese color TV sets of various raw materials and parts recycling rate more than 65%, and compliance with EU on information

Home Appliances Product recovery and recycling use of the relevant provisions; In recent years, Xiamen Overseas Chinese also introduced the standardization of product development, design, color television sets from the last of thousands of commonly used devices to present more than 4000 kinds of reduction, fewer than half, while greatly enhanced improvement of product quality and stability, on the other hand also has the environmental importance of reducing carbon saving and reduce material cost, production time and other positive economic value.

It is understood that, in line with the opening of the Expo exhibition hall of Xiamen, Xiamen Overseas Chinese relying on its Shanghai branch arranged a professional technical team to provide full