Yamaha Home Theater Amplifiers RX-V2067 Black

I own this amp for a few days. I’m not audiophile, but I wanted to buy good equipment that will last a few years or decade. I use a few stops to see movies in home theater mode but mostly listen to good music, quietly in my living room at night, not too loud because the neighbors (apartment) but with a pure and clean as I don ‘ did not need to hard to please me. Yamaha is known for having a real expertise in recording studios. So I decided to opt for them.

Premium book (I have not yet made the turn) and I appreciate that it is the Ethernet port in addition to the DLNA allows me to control the receiver from my PC in my browser. I do not think it would be as useful. In fact, I use it. This avoids moving the amp and get the remote control to switch from one device to another. For example, switch from RTL2 to the tuner to listen to music on Deezer or music on my PC takes 2 clicks. The interface is simple and effective.

Having a complete connection is top: USB port handy for listening to MP3 music without turning on his PC, full of entries Audio / Video, audio, optical audio connection to the PC, making iPhone dock (dock not included) , HDMI, RCA (Audio Channel Return) which, when connecting the amplifier to the TV via HDMI, to recover the audio signal from the TV without having to make such an optical link. Everything goes through a single cable. Side look, I find it nice (but tastes and colors …). The front is simple, with a small valve to open for all the buttons at your fingertips.

The last question was the choice of speakers. I finally opted for Cabasse Aeolus 2, WAF requires …
I bought this amp at Iacono via Amazon. I recommend this seller. I ordered 30 October 2010, I was delivered November 3 knowing that there was the first bridge between the two. Bravo!

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