Yeast Infection, Homeopathic and Home Treatment

The micro-organism which is responsible for causing thrush is Candida albicans, a yeast infection homeopathic remedies are able to take care of. Home remedies can also be used, as can a number of precautions which will prevent a recurrence of the infection. Understanding what cases this is important when treating it.

The fungus responsible for yeast infections is present in the body at all times. It is only when the body goes out of kilter that the changes present cause the fungus to change. For example if there is too much sugar in the diet, if there are hormonal changes happening in the body. If the immune system is compromised, or of acid/alkali balances are out.

There are very few women who go through life without experiencing at least one yeast infection. And there are many women who experience recurring bouts of this. Symptoms are uncomfortable to say the least and include itching, redness, discomfort and burning. There is also a discharge present, which may be more pronounced in the morning or when walking.

If you make use of home remedies or homeopathic treatment for this infection, just make sure you don’t leave it for too long without consulting a medical professional. This is in the case that the condition does not clear up within a week or so.

What is so nice about using homeopathic medicine is that it does not cause side effects. Many of the medicines used to clear up the fungus are toxic, but not if they are homeopathic. Some homeopathic treatments include natrum muriaticum, kali bichromicum, borax, tea tree, calcarea carbonica, sepia, kreosotum and sulpur.

Home remedies are simple and work effectively too, for instance common apple cider vinegar, this may be diluted and used as a douche. Garlic is an anti-fungal and works well for yeast infection, it may be eaten or used as a tampon (check how to do this before trying). Natural plain yoghurt is soothing and kills the fungus by introducing good bacteria. Eating cranberries is also very good, don’t drink sweetened cranberry juice, and the sugar feeds the fungus.

Make sure that your underwear is cotton, and if you have a yeast infection, don’t have sexual intercourse, it can make matters worse. Sometimes a yeast infection can become resistant to the drugs being used, with a natural remedy, this does not happen.